Spanish Tortilla for lunch

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Spanish Tortilla

This was my second time eating a tortilla cooked by a Spanish person and I have to say that this time I actually have enjoyed it a lot more than the first time. Not only was looking and smelling great but it tasted really good.

For many years I have heard about tortillas but I have never tried and when I did try the first time I was not too impressed with it. Since then I haven't tried any other tortillas or was even curious or interested in doing it. Until today, and thankfully because I look at it now with different eyes.


The preparation

Alex have decided to cook tortilla and he invited me to have some. So I have accepted. He have said that it would take a really long time to prepare and to cook it but actually was not that difficult and also it was pretty quick. I was very happy with that because we went for a run in the morning and I was actually starving.

It's been a couple of hours since we finished our meal and I am still here feeling so full like I have ate the whole tortilla by myself. It is a very fulfilling dish.



Will try it again

Now that I have tried it for the second time and I have really enjoyed it I will be for sure trying it a couple more times. Since different people cook it different ways. I am not even the biggest fan of potatoes but I didn't mind at all with the potatoes on this tortilla and there were a lot.


20200614_141140 1.jpg


The food and the cook

Here You can see how perfect the slices look like. You also can see the cook ready to attack it while I am still trying to capture some photos to share this awesome meal with You.
I guess now I will have to ask Alex to cook this again one of this days.

Have You ever tried a traditional Spanish tortilla, a homemade one by a Spanish person? If so what are Your thoughts about this dish I am curious to know what do You guys think of it.




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I have tried only homemade ones, but not by Spanish person. I did like them a lot anyway.
I often do my own version of it too.... not sure it can be called Spanish Tortilla at this point though :p

You gotta come up with a name for your own version eheheh

The Throw-all-in tortilla :)

Manually curated by EwkaW from the Qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

I really love tortillas, especially the Spanish Tortilla. Although most of the time, it ends up being a disaster when it's time to turn the tortilla :(

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