I bought yoghurt after a long time

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Hope everybody on this site also had a great day. Happy thursday day everyone.I haven't eaten yoghurt for a long time. Yoghurt is one of my favorite foods. I went to buy yoghurt a long time later today.When it comes to sweets, yoghurt is on my list of favorites because I like yoghurt very much.

A religious festival is coming in front of us and that is why sweets are very much needed now because sweets are very popular at this time because relatives are at home at this time so they need sweets to make them sweet.Moreover, eating sweet food after eating heavy food is very helpful to digest it.Yogurt is actually a very useful dessert for digesting food because the group contains milk and other ingredients that help digest food and are also very sweet to eat.
This is the festival coming so I went to the market today considering everything and I spent a lot of time going to the market to find good quality yoghurt. Finally after a lot of hard work I found a shop that sells good yoghurt.The only reason to buy these yoghurts is because the person who sells these yoghurts makes yoghurts at home very patiently and it is also a lot of fun to eat so I try to buy yoghurt from this person.
When I went to his shop he was fairly happy to see me because there was not a lot of people in the market at the time of this epidemic and his sales were not very good either. I also followed a lot of hygiene though then went to the market. Even then I tried to buy yoghurt. Above all I bought some yogurt.
I want peace to return to the world through this religious festival and to restore peace in all parts of the world and to remove fear from the minds of the people. Everyone will have this desire and this is a prayer to the Creator I do it for everyone.




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Looks delicious 😋

thanks your compliment gentleman 😊

Is the yogurt flavored because the color looks different. What are the ingredients normally they add? Perhaps can try to make it at home

I don't know how he made it but it's a lot of fun and delicious to eat.thanks for your compliment.

I am feeling something cuz its looking very delicious. :D

thanks for your compliment 😊