I made healthy Banana flower fry recipe with shrimp fish

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Banana flowers 2 pieces
Shrimp fish 100 grams
Water as needed
Tumeric 1.5 spoons
Salt 2 spoons
Mustrad Oil 25 grams
Green pepper 5 pieces
Onion 2 pieces
Garlic 2 pieces
Cumin 8 grams



Firstly I had cut banana flowers little slicely. After that I had washed banana flowers with water .




I cut shrimps fish . I fried shrimp fish with tumaric and salt in water . After washing banana flower ,I had mixed tumaric and salt . When mustrad oil is hot , i had fried onions .



After frying onions , I had boiled banana flower with frying shrimp fish .Thus I had fried banana flower with shrimp fish sometimes .


Really It is very delicious and tasty recipe . It is a homemade recipe .


Banana flower contains vitamin C and antioxidants. Banana flowers reduces premature aging and the impression of age. Banana flowers helps to improves skin texture and eliminates wrinkles. It is also very effective in keeping the hair well. Banana flowers keeps our brain cool . It helps to solve sleep problems. Banana flower regulates our body temperature.Banana flower helps to keep heathy our skin. Banana flower eliminates against constipation problems . It keeps our stomach to clean . Banana flower is as beautiful to look at as it is delicious to eat. Again incomparable in nutrition. Banana flower includes protein, calcium, carbohydrates, phosphorus, vitamin A, iron, fat and potassium. , Riboflavin vitamin C .Banana flower helps in body building. Banana flower contains iron which helps to remove anemia disease . The amount of fiber found in Banana flower increases the digestive power . It remves constipation. It controls high blood pressure .


Phone camera : Mi A1
Cooker @simaroy

Regards @simaroy


Wow yummy combination shrimp and banana heart. Looks very delicious with boiled rice.

This recipe is great. You know that I have two acorns of bananas and I was thinking about how to prepare them, and you have given me a very good idea. Currently I don't have access to seafood, but I do have meat, so I think I'll prepare it that way. I love the sharpness of the photos, they are very well done in natural light, and I love the stove you use to cook, it looks great. However, for your next publications to be perfect, it would be ideal that at the beginning of the recipe you put a brief introduction, for example, that you talk about the dish, when they prepare it, you could also say who taught you how to make it, or perhaps what you feel when you do it; This type of information provides a context and a story to the recipes, which adds value and emotion. Good post. Greetings.

Esta receta está genial. Sabes que tengo dos bellotas de topochos y estaba pensando como prepararlas, y me has dado una idea muy buena. Actualmente no tengo acceso a mariscos, pero sí a carnes, así que creo que las voy a preparar de ese modo. Me encanta la nitidez de las fotografías, están muy bien hechas con luz natural, y me encanta el fogón que utilizas para cocinar, se ve genial. Sin embargo, para que tus próximas publicaciones queden perfectas, sería ideal que al inicio de la receta le colocases una breve introducción, por ejemplo, que hablases del plato, cuándo lo preparan, también podrías decir quién te enseñó a hacerlo, o quizás qué sientes cuando lo haces; este tipo de información, le aporta un contexto y una historia a las recetas, que les añade valor y emoción. Buen post. Saludos.

Thanks you so much . These recipes I learned from my mother. I am happy for your good response and comments . Thus you will inspire me.

We call it "Puso ng Saging" which means 'banana heart' here in the Phils. Yes, it's nutritious and used as meat substitute. Thanks for the recipe, I'll try cooking this next time...

Thanks you so much .

Love your Foodie post!

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