Making sourdough: a few months in

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I've been making sourdough for a few months now. For awhile the markets did not have any flour. Which is essential to growing sourdough.

Luckily today I was able to buy two big bags of whole wheat flour. So I should be secure for many months. I use about 3/4 of a cup every day.


I used to just take the sourdough and bake it in the oven. But I started practicing with adding flour and some liquids (olive oil juice from a jar of store olives). As for flours using buckwheat, millet, almond or other natural flowers can be used. But I've been just using the general flour I've been feeding my sourdough.

Recently I've been making a flat bread out of it. The result makes a great pizza crust or snack. I usually eat one of those flat bread pieces a day I'm holding.


I've tried adding many things like adding goat cheese and using olive juice for the water part of the mixture. Goat cheese is kind of greasy, and I find using cow cheese gives them a better result. I may try again but use much less. I think I used a whole log of goat cheese so I may have put too much in it.


I add spices like lots of garlic powder, onion powder, turmeric, pepper, salt and Italian spice mix.


Looks good. My daughter has been making sourdough bread recently. She makes a couple of small loaves each week that do for the four of us. I was talking to a friend who has a starter that is 11 years old! Mind you she makes her own cheese too.

You can't beat fresh bread.

Have you checked out the breadbakers community?

Oh nice. Yeah you can just keep them going, mine is already a few months old. If I keep at it one day it might get to a few years old.

Cool I just subscribed.. did not know about it. Thanks for the suggestion.

I have suggested my daughter join as she likes making bread, but she's not so into posting stuff online. She made some sourdough bread today.

Hah yeah this blogging thing isnt for everyone. Took me awhile to get a hang of it so I understand.

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Ah thanks alot for the curation and to @jasonbu for finding my content.

Man, are you just using the sourdough and baking it? That is, you don't use it to bake bread, but you just eat the sourdough without adding much to it? I have tried just frying it in pan, but way to "alcohol" taste to me... But in bread, or in waffles, awesome and fantastic :)

Haha yup, when I started off I was pan frying them in butter. Just the excess sourdough. But I now stretch it with a little flower and olive juice.

I didnt mind the taste of just sourdough. Yeah its strong but I like it.

Very good 4 your digestive tract 😊

I think so, I really crave fermented food like kimchi, sourcraut and this sourdough. My body seems to like it.

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I read somewhere about a 120-year-old sourdough here in Canada. It's being added to the Belgium library. I guess there's a library that stores sourdough ;-) Keep at it... you have a few years to go :-)