A Little Pickled Egg Eggsperiment

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I hear people talking about pickled eggs and how tasty they are. Honesty, I’ve never had one. They just don’t sound so appetizing to me. Well I had to see what all the fuss was about. My brother in law was over and somehow pickled eggs got brought up. Then next thing we know we are hard-boiling eggs and peeling them. Then we finished off this jar of Famous Dave’s Sweet & Spicy pickle chips.


Stuffed about 6 peeled eggs in the jar and threw them back in the fridge. I’m not sure how good this will work but it has to right?!? I’ve never even looked how to make pickled eggs but I assume it is something similar.


I honestly totally forgot about them in the back of the fridge. A week later Mama-Splatts dig them out and gave them a try. She yelled,

Hey, You better come get a couple of these before I eat them all


GREAT!! Now I am hooked!! I really have nothing to compare these pickled eggs to but damn these taste good. A pretty mild vinegar twang, and just like the jar says, “Sweet & Spicy”. Though they could use a little more kick in the spicy department.

Now I’m gonna have to go buy a big jar of super hot pickles and eat them all so I can try this again…


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I've always seen them at bars, but like yourself, I've never had the desire to try one, UNTIL NOW.

Get you a jar of pickle chips, eat them in one sitting, and hard boil them eggs while you are doing it. That is the only proper way to make this happen. 😜😜

We made our own dill pickles this year and I have a quart jar that's almost empty. I'll try that rather than buy a jar and eat them in one sitting. the only time I ate a full jar of pickles in one sitting was when robin was pregnant. I know, the woman is the one who's supposed to eat pickles and ice cream when they're pregnant, what can I say? 😁

Sometimes you gotta go through it with them. I remember my oldest brother put on more weight than his wife did during one of her pregnancies. 🤣😂🤣😂. He had to play catch-up in the weight loss game. Lol

Laughs, did you just dump the eggs in some vinegar?? Or what😂

On a different note, what the hell are pickled chips 🍟😂 how do you pickle a chip🤔🥒

Sounds like it was leftover pickle brine, and I'm going to go out on a limb and guess it was cucumbers sliced into disks with a crinkle-cutter blade before pickling.

DAHAHAHA 🤮🤮 I would do that on a prank to someone. Vinegar egg bombs guaranteed to make you puke. 😂

They are just pickles that are sliced in a jar. Foe the lazy people that don't want to cut their own. Plus they add spices and such in the brine to add different flavors

Nice man! I get those same pickles. The real move is the sweeter pickled eggs with beets. Beets are a great natural supplement for healthy testosterone. 👍 They don't sell them in Colorado, so I have to make my own.

I’m gonna have to try these with my duck eggs. Those sound pretty testy!!

The overall concept sounds yucky but maybe it's worth trying 😂



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💪😋🤜 sounds yum! I'll have to try later.. I luv spicy AND pickles!