I am Gonna Chalk This Thanksgiving Up in the WIN Column

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Being in a food coma by noon is definitely considered a win in my book. With dual Green Mountain pellet grill smokin’ up the neighborhood, Thanksgiving 2020 is gonna have a little extra smoked meat on the table.


The turkey went on the smoker at midnight, after sitting in an apple brine for around 30 hours. Breast side down for 8-9 hours at 185F. Every few hours I tried to spray it down with some apple juice but I wasn’t gonna set an alarm for that. I will just have to hope for the best. Flipping the turkey over and turning the heat up to 275F, this bird is looking good!! Leaving a 20 pound turkey breast down for 8 hours tends to make it a little... flat chested...

But that color sure is nice!!

So while that turkey is cooking for an additional 4 hours or so, it’s time to smoke some Sockeye salmon fillets. They sat in a brine overnight also. The brine had some salt, brown sugar, fresh squeezed orange juice and some pineapple juice. Seasoned one with lemon pepper, another with some smokehouse maple seasoning, and 2 of them got coated with a glaze concoction I made up.


Now that salmon didn’t last long. The glazed fillets were like salmon candy! OMG!! I need to get out and do some more salmon fishing this next year. I grew up on bbq’ed salmon fillets and this took me back I tell you what!! Shhh don’t tell anyone but I have a stash of salmon candy in the fridge. I cooked up a few more fillets and sliced them and glazed them...

Hey, you gotta keep some of that ‘ish for yourself

A spiral cut honey glazed ham in the crockpot, smoked turkey, smoked salmon, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, green beans, stuffing, pies, rolls... Nap Time!!

The turkey is buried under the stuffing

It was a...full... day of bbq’ing, snacking, laughing, family, cooking, cleaning, munching, napping, eating, and enjoying a few adult beverages... oh ya and leftovers. Now that is what I call a Thanksgiving win.



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I agree, winner for sure. I was wondering if the salmon you smoked was the salmon you caught, that was until I read on a little further.
I hope you hid those few extra pieces of candy somewhere good in the frig.
I know that when all of the kids were still living home, nothing in the frig was safe, I don't care what little nook you hid it in, it be gooooooooooone in the morning!

Looks and sounds like you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Funny thing, I started writing this reply about 2 hours ago, and while in the middle, the electricity goes out.

I was going to give you a call, but the freaking phones were out as well.

Growing up with 3 older brothers... you better get it now or you won't get any at all. Lol.

A guy I went to Northwest Lineman College with back in 2005 works for New York State Electric and Gas. Is that who services you’re neck of the woods? If so, I will yell at him and tell him he isn’t doing his job very well and I can send my 10 year old daughter to come give them a hand. 😜😜

That is the outfit we get our electricity from, NYSEG. I f you have his # I can call him myself next time. It's always good to skip the middleman!

Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that. As the outage calls come in through their call center or whatever they have, it helps identify where the issue is. Plus it logs the length of the outage, documentation, and safety of the lineman. That way everyone know where everyone is at. Being at a small company like mine, it’s horrible to give a farmer your phone number. I have to tell them to call the office and they will generate the paperwork needed. I can’t just run around all wild fixing everyone’s problems. Lol.

You mean I can't put this guy on speed-dial?

Love your Foodie post!

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Let me tell you brother, you are off the rails with that food.
My mouth was saliviting with the turkey and smoked salmon. But I outright was drooling over the salmon candy.
I glaze my salmom with the raspberry sauce I make in the summer when the berries are out. Love a little sweetness.
Glad you had the perfect Thanksgiving, eating yourselves into a sweet food coma.😁😜🍗🍺

Raspberry glazed salmon... O-M-G!!! Blackberry or blueberrry... welp looks like I know what I am gonna do next time I cook up some salmon.

oh brother, go for it. Love to glaze the fish, I just wish I could fish in your land.
A bad day at fishing is better than the best day at work, or something like that . hehe😉😀😎

Never had smoked turkey before.

I have done my turkey on pellet grill the last 3 years and it always comes out super juicy. No dry breasts around here. 😉 I really think the key is brining the turkey over night but that slow cooked Smokey grill has to do something right. Lol

That sounds wonderful!

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