A delicious egg recipe for breakfast

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Good morning everybody!

I am aware that I neglected this place a little. We have a little baby at home. We devote most of our time to her. We just got it. So she needs to get used to us and home.

Every breakfast I have with my husband is very special to me. We both work. My husband sometimes works on weekends. So I have special recipes for every breakfast we make together. I also share these recipes with you.

You know egg is a very useful food. Its high nutritional value. In addition, eggs are among the most consumed animal foods. It’s a protein store. Egg content also contains potassiun, iron, calcium and vitamin A. It strengthens bones. It protects heart and vascular health. It is also very beneficial for the eyes. It increases body resistance. It strengthens the brain and protects us against cancer. It provides muscle building.

As you can see, eggs are a very useful food. That’s why we must consume it in our breakfast. We can make this healthy food very tasty.


Ingredients for sesame eggs
•black pepper
•various spices


First we melt the butter in a pan with a lid. Then we add sesame seeds and spices. I used thyme and hot pepper. And some black sesame.


We add the grated cheese on sesame and spices.


Finally we break the eggs into the pan. We add salt and pepper on the eggs. We close the lid of the pan to cook.


Our eggs are ready to serve. Serve by twisting the edges for a beautiful look.

Bon Appetit!

I hope you enjoyed my recipe. See you in the next post. Happy Friday!


There's nothing quite like some eggs for breakfast! They're pretty good for you I guess, unless you were to have too many, like anything really. I like the addition of the spices here, I think it's taste great!

Yes, quite good food for breakfast! I love trying various egg recipes for breakfast. I recently made this recipe for my husband. He liked it very much. It was a public holiday in our country yesterday. My husband and I were at home. I cooked it again and wanted to share. :)

Nice one, lucky husband!

There's a food theme for the #weekend-engagement this week, coming out in a couple hours...This might work for it.

Wow food theme! I will be there. :)

It's 5:35pm here, I'll release the topic in maybe three hours or so...I look forward to seeing you there.

Very delicious recipe.
Happy Friday!!! :)

Thanks for stopping by! :)

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Thank you @brumest ! :)

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Thank you! :)

That looks absolutely gorgeous, going to try this when I can.

You must try. I am sure you will like! 😊

You must try. I am sure you will like. 😊

Love your Foodie post!

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Thank you @jasonbu ! :)

This looks absolutely delicious 😋👍🏾 I will definitely try this after gym tomorrow quick easy and looks delicious I love eggs spices and cheese what combo thanks for sharing 🤝

Yes, pretty delicious. :) You should definitely try it after sports. :)

Thanks again for sharing 🤝

You're welcome! :)