Chicken Egg Devil

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image: Chicken Egg Devil

Hello friends,

     Today again I came with an exotic snack recipe "Chicken Egg Devil". In Bengal this dish is popularly known as 'Dimer Devil's and it's a famous snack. Devil egg originated in 'Rome', probably in 13th century. They were traditionally served as first course. This dish is also popular in 'Europe' and in 'North America'. So let's start making ''Chicken Egg Devil".


1. Hard boiled eggs- 4 pieces.

2. Boiled potatoes-2 large(mashed).

3. All purpose flour-2 tbsp.

4. Chicken mince- 200 gm.

5. Vegetable oil-As per requirement (for deep frying devils).

6. Onion paste- 1 tbsp.

7. Garlic paste-1 tsp.

8. Ginger paste-1 tsp.

9. Salt- To taste.

10. Turmeric powder-1/2tsp

11. Green chili paste- 1tsp.

12. Bread crumbs- As per requirement (to coat devils).

Whole spices:-

1. Bay leaf- 1(whole).

2. Green Cardamom- 2-3 pods(whole).

3. Cinnamon stick-1/2 inch.

4. Black pepper corns- 10-12(whole).

5. Dry red chilies-2(whole).

6. Mace- 1/2 blade.

7. Cloves- 2(whole).

Preparation Method:-

Step 1- Take a fry pan and dry roast all whole spices mentioned above until well fragrant. Turn off flame let the spices cool down.

Step 2- In the mean time cut all boiled eggs halves and set aside.

Step 3- Take a bowl add all purpose flour and water make a medium thin batter. Keep aside.

Step 4- Now transfer all dry roasted spices into a grinder and make a smooth powder with them. once done set aside.

Step 5- Heat a frying pan add 1 tbsp vegetable oil, once oil will became very hot add Onion paste, Garlic paste, Ginger paste and green chili paste,saute till raw aroma goes away.

Step 6- Place a pan on medium flame.Now add chicken mince into the frying pan, combine well. Add salt, turmeric powder stir well and cook until moisture evaporates. Turn off flame.

Step 7- Next take a large bowl, add mashed boil potatoes, roasted spices power, cooked chicken mince, combine all ingredients with your clean hand. 

Step 8- Now take half part of boiled egg. Cover the egg with chicken & potato mixture (step-7). You can give shape according your choice.

Step 9- Next dip this egg devils into flour batter and coat with bread crumbs. Follow the same process for the remaining eggs.

image: raw chicken egg devil

Step 10- Once all eggs will coated well with bread crumbs, keep them in your refrigerator for 30 minutes.

image: frozen raw devil

Step 11- After 30 minutes take out the devils, place a deep frying pan on medium flame,add large quantity of vegetable oil. Let the oil became hot.

Step 12- In the mean time again coat all devils with bread crumbs again. Now deep fry them into oil by rotating until became golden in color. 

image: Delicious Chicken Egg Devil Dish

Step 13- Serve hot with ring onions and ketchup.

** Thank you all my dear friends for reading my post🙏 today again I posted a recipe of my mother while I am preparing the dish. Next time please follow my recipes. My intention is to represent the recipes only. Thanks again to all my dear friends for supporting my mother's recipes, though she is physically not present with me but I believe she definitely showering her blessings from heaven to all of us. Stay blessed and happy.🙏

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I love this chicken egg devil, we have a local name of this dish and we take it as snacks. Very delicious food, thanks for sharing with us... :)

@priyanarc You are most welcome dear, stay blessed and happy

Looks delicious, Sunita. Congratulations

@irvinc Thank you 😊