Brunch Breakfast Sandwich At Mr. Mikes

in Foodies Bee Hive11 days ago

I was craving a beer and sort of hungry the other day. I thought to go to Mr. Mikes. They actually had beer on special. I found out they all so had some brunch specials as well! That was good for me, I am kind of poor right now so I was able to get out have a bite and beer and not worry as much about spending!

The sandwich was pretty thick and good! Better than a fast food breakfast sandwich!! I liked that. Tasted pretty good. Had some thick bacon on it, egg, lettuce and tomato! I also enjoyed the hash browns too! I even ate the garnish afterwards. I may not be able to go out for awhile. I wanted to go out tonight but I am low on money. Perhaps next week I may come down to Mr. Mikes for something cheaper while still having some pretty good beer.

I made a video of the sandwich