Chilli And Breakfast!!

Made Chilli again plus another egg dish! Been keeping it pretty simple. Made the same thing not too long ago. I made these again because we have the ingredients and it is fairly easy to make! The chilli turned out really good. Very nice spice to it.

Sometimes cook it in a pot 'cause there is so much of it. Decided to use the cast iron pan and get it full instead this time!! Sometimes gets a little too full lol, I just love the cast iron pan though!

This is the chilli before the tomato sauce goes in

The egg dishes in the morning all always good. I like to put many spices in them too! Plus veggies. It can be filling yet still light.

The broccoli went very well in it!!

I find I have to eat right to keep my head straight. It's kinda chaos out there right now so home and food brings the energy to level out and focus.

I made some video clips of some beer I had and making the chilli

Music in clip by Synthesis Underground