Let's make chilli chicken in a way that is spicy, fragrant, beautiful in color and delicious.

Hello my loving Hiveans,

How are you, Wishing you all a good afternoon my dear friends. And I believe that all my dear friends are very happy and healthy.So in this festive season we all like to taste new food and try new food.Chili chicken is another delicious dish that can be welcomed as a delicious lunch for a guest who comes to the house during this festive season. So let's see how to make this.





  • 500g of chicken
  • An egg
  • Four cloves of crushed garlic


  • A large onion cut into squares
  • Two green chilli pods cut lengthwise
  • Two dried chili pods, cut into long
  • Three cloves of garlic, cut in half
  • 250ml of oil


  • tablespoon of chilli sauce
  • A tablespoon of tomato sauce
  • Two tablespoons of soya sauce


  • Two teaspoons of chilli powder
  • A teaspoon of pepper powder
  • A teaspoon of salt powder
  • A tablespoon of cornflour


The method of making;

Put the chicken in a bowl and add chilli powder, pepper powder and salt powder to it. Then add cornflour and crushed garlic.



Now add one tablespoon of soy sauce and one tablespoon of chili sauce to it, then add the egg and stir well.


Everything mix well.


Fry the mixed chicken in deep oil on medium heat for about five to six minutes.




Fry the chicken and heat the remaining oil in another place by adding two tablespoons of oil and add chopped garlic and chopped green chillies and dried chillies to it. Keep the stove flame at minimum.


Now add fried chicken.


Now add the tomato sauce, reserved soy sauce, and chili sauce and stir.




Everything mix well and remove from heat.


This chili chicken is really fragrant and very tasty and looks beautiful.It's little bit spicy. But I believe this is a good recipe, and a good dish. In fact, this is more appropriate for a special family dining occasion.





Warmly thanking you for reading.



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Thank you so much dear friend @edwing357. It really gives me strength.

Hope to see you soon with more good recipes ☺️🤗👨🏻‍🍳, happy and blessed day ✨.

OMG, looks mouthwatering. I love fried chicken and I love spicy chicken with lots of pepper so this is good for me. Can i have some of that please 🤩

Wow the chili chicken fries made me hungry. Looks delicious like the color. Thank you for sharing the recipe.

Thank you so much.

The chicken getting more and more delicious when it spicy. This is the favorite things for me. Yess, as a person who was born in Asia I would say chili is part of my food, by the way your chicken recipe is a great recipe and it looks super fragrant and tasty.

Yes, you are right, we are the ones who like to eat a little more spicy food. Actually, I think this is more suitable for a festival or a party. This chili chicken and this is often something else, I think that vegetables and yellow rice are perfectly suitable with rice.

Yay! 🤗
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Thanks for your valuable comment. to encourage Really happy every time I see it.

Amazing delicacy
Enjoy 😊

Thank you

Welcome 😁

I think that it’s delicious.

Yes, sure. 😊😊😊

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Se ve delicioso ese pollo y de buen color. Gracias por compartir. Un abrazo.

This made me hungry again, even though I just had dinner!

Try to make this dish. You will love it more. thank you.

gracias de corazon por tu aprecio.