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I always thought Chia pudding looked weird

And it was never really appealing to me to try it honestly. Until a couple of days ago, I was wondering what I'd do with the few extra bananas and accidentally bumped into a Chia pudding image when I knew that I was just going to give it a try. I asked my boyfriend to bring coco milk, preferably canned coco milk, as I read these are extra creamy. But I have to say, I never tried canned coco milk, while I do love those in a box. Eventually, he came home with the boxed one as the canned was more expensive. Fine by me, I didn't know if we were going to like this anyway, and coco milk is expensive enough as is. Let's try it first before we try to create the perfect version of it, lol.

The ingredients of this very basic Chia Pudding recipe

Only four ingredients are needed for this Chia pudding, I didn't even add any sweeteners as it was sweet enough as is!

  • Chia seeds
  • Coco milk
  • Banana
  • Strawberries

It's very easy to make as well, just fill the jar about 2/3 with coco milk, add a few spoons of chia seeds, and start stirring right away as the seeds will start to get slimy right away. Add the fruit parts, close the jar and leave in the fridge overnight. A few hours can do the trick already, but I've noticed that overnight the pudding structure is much better than waiting only a few hours.


You can also add some oats or avocado. I had some spare Chia pudding and added the avocado, very nice! Can't wait to try out the endless combinations. Our household is a fan of Chia pudding now.

Did you ever eat Chia pudding? And what's your favorite recipe? Are you going all-in or keeping it simple?
Please feel free to share!

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I really loved this recipe, it's super simple, no sugar, which is perfect for me. I didn't know you could make a chia pudding. Excellent proposal. Regards

Yeah, I always try to avoid adding any sweeteners, but sometimes the fruit may not be sweet enough, and I can imagine it needs a little extra. But that may be solved with some cinnamon instead as well, if you like cinnamon. This one is so simple and its really good :)

Yes, I love cinnamon. I will make this pudding very soon.

Looks really simple to make, even for me. Haha

It really is that simple, I'd only advise not to be stubborn and just add Chia on the feeling, but measure it so you know how much is enough. I had a few rounds now that I had to add seeds the next day because it wasn't thick enough (oops). Which is not a biggie btw, you can fix it but it takes a bit longer.. Bought myself some new strawberries and banana today for the weekend :) Have a good one!

Definitely gonna give this a try. It sounds and looks intriguing. Time to get my ahnds on some chia seeds ( and avocado )

A hug from Portugal!

Hey Vincent! It tastes way better than it looks, trust me! I found the perfect ratio for the glass dessert cups that I use, I have these measuring spoons and use the big one (I believe it's a cup, but not sure) to measure the coco milk, 2 of them. I add 2 of the medium-sized measuring spoons with Chia seeds. So I only have to remember 2+2 and which of the sizes I used. This one looked thick already when I added the banana and put it in the fridge, so I think it's the right ratio like this. It's such a shame when it doesn't work out right away so my tip: measure it when you found your perfect ratio!

I still haven't tried anything else but banana, strawberry, avocado and oats. The oats aren't my thing, but the fruit works every single time, it's a good breakfast if you ask me. And avocados work well with everything if you ask me, learned to eat them a year ago, can't believe I never tried them before, so good!

How are you doing? I will head over to see if you posted anything lately :) I've been quite absent for a few weeks too busy with other things.. so have missed some things probably. Hope you're well :) Hugs!

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