Homemade Salmon spread | Easy, Quick and Delicious!

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I love to eat salmon

Years ago, the only salmon I ate, was smoked salmon in these thin slices they sell in about every supermarket. Expensive, yes, but so delicious. If you have 3 people in the house that eat it, you won't get far with one of these packages, so this treat soon got banned from buying as the costs were just a bit too high. After starting to introduce more salads in our diet last year, a friend of my boyfriend was eating salads with normal salmon in it, cut into pieces and it's actually not that far of from the taste of smoked salmon. Not sure if it's very good to eat it like that, but at least it gave in to my salmon cravings for a while.

Slowly I started to like salmon prepped in various ways as well

Where you could not convince me to eat baked salmon before, I now eat that as well, it's just not the way I prefer to eat it usually. Do I now like it in my salads, yes, I do. But sometimes the hunger in the supermarket makes me buy salmon when I'm actually not going to eat it in time before it starts to taste weird (lol), and there's no way I will throw out a chunk of salmon just like that!

Salmon spread it is!

This time I decided to make a salmon spread for a change. I never made one, only bought them in the supermarkets until now. So I had to google on how I should prepare the salmon, it's a good thing that i did because I was about to bake the salmon in small parts when I read I should boil it in a fish bouillon instead.


It's very easy as most things (besides maybe the salmon) you probably always have in stock and you can add some herbs to your liking as well. I usually add onions to spreads but in this case I didn't want to overdo it using onions and left it out.

  • Salmon (obviously!)
  • 1 fish bouillon
  • mayonnaise
  • salt
  • pepper
  • parsley
  • little bit of mustard

I can't tell you the measurements, as it all depends on how much salmon you've used and in my experience, those chunks are never the same weight so just start careful and add more when needed. I try to be easy with the mayonnaise as well as too much of that really ruins the taste of the spread.


Boil water and add one fish bouillon when it boils. Then lower the fire a bit and put the salmon in there. It will take about 12 minutes (depending on several things, so please keep checking!). Once it's done, remove it from the water and let it cool down before adding the other ingredients.

collage salmon spread prep.png

Once cooled, use two forks (I think that works best) to pull the salmon into small pieces as you can see in image 2 above. Now you can add the rest of the ingredients, and again, don't add too much at once as it's better to add a few times than to ruin the taste of the spread..

I promise you it's a easy and nice lunch:

salmon spread on bun.png



Looks so delicious, we love salmon.
Thanks for sharing the recipe, gonna give it a try.

It tasted better than it looks on the pics, I had a hard time grabbing the color on camera :) You can add all kinds of stuff like pickles and onion as well but I didn't feel like that when I made this one so I left them out. Also a good addition is a tiny bit of ketchup, just a teaspoon is enough..