Why World Milk Day is a Well Coordinated Scam

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World Milk Day was established only 20 years ago. These were the times when on the one hand vegan movement started spreading across the world and on the other hand, artificial (scientific) manipulative techniques in animal farming was leading to an increased yield of animal milk. So the dairy industry was struggling to increase its consumption.

If dairy was a cultural thing all over the world's culture then why would we need to promote it? The White Revolution in 70s & 80s was done to serve the interest of organised dairy industry and allied animal agriculture industry.Then World Milk Day was established to promote dairy consumption. But this fact can't be denied that even today about 5 million children die of malnutrition.

Dairy was never meant to serve any nutrition problem. Instead, it helped in emergence of several other lifestyle diseases. Thus helping pharma and healthcare industry.

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Some facts that they don't want you to know:

  1. Dairy is not our natural meal.
  2. No animal in nature needs to drink milk of some other species.
  3. Milk is a baby food meant for infants. Nature never meant it for adult consumption.
  4. Mamma makes milk only for her babies in all mammalian species.
  5. So cows are artificially impregnated regularly to make them mamma and to force them into milk production.
  6. Calves who rightfully deserve their mother's milk are denied to drink sufficient milk. Some are even kept on cheap formula milk.
  7. Male calves and spent mammas are wasteful by-products of dairy industry. Hence they need to be slaughtered.
  8. Since cow slaughter has been banned in most Indian States, starving stray cows became a big menace on Indian roads.
  9. India is the biggest producer of dairy in the world. This also makes it one of the world's largest exporter of beef and producer of leather.
  10. Cow shelters can never save all these cows and calves from dairy industry due to their sheer numbers.
  11. India has about 300 million cattle at present and these produces over 150 million tons of milk annually.
  12. The country's entire fodder production can't sustain these many cattle for their entire life span and is only sufficient to feed two-third of its cattle. So the rest of them have to die of starvation or slaughtered anyhow.
  13. Slaughter and leather industries are complementary to dairy industry.
  14. According to Government's own official reports, about 80 to 85 percentage of milk supplied in India is either adulterated or synthetic.
  15. Milk is neither nutritious nor healthy. In fact, it is one of the important causes for several Lifestyle diseases including cancer, diabetes and osteoporosis.
  16. Buffaloes produce more milk than cows but you won't find any stray buffalo calf or bull on roads. You know why? Because their slaughter is not illegal!
  17. Milk is not vegetarian. It's an animal product and doesn't grow out of soil.
  18. Cow was given the status of mother as in gau-mata to hide our sins against her behind false glorification. Religion doesn't teach us violence against animals.
  19. Although Bhutan banned all slaughter houses due to Buddha's preachings, meat and dairy is still heavily consumed there through imports from India. In fact, cheese & chilli are their national food! Religious preachings are always misinterpreted to serve our selfish interests.

Oh, I think I should stop here!

But did you know there are several types of easy plant-based milk recipes. My friend Shankar Narayan (founder of Satvik Vegan Society) suggests some very easy plant-based milk recipes in this article published today:

You do not need udders to produce milk.

My friend @chetanpadliya also writes a dedicated Hindi blog to expose dairy industry. You may want to read it to find the truth and to get a better picture of today's dairy industry:

दूध छोड़, दया जोड़

Wishing you a HAPPY Plant Milk Day!

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