Homemade Pizza in 5 Steps

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First step, we let the dough get to room temperature, add flour & create the shape of pie that we want


Then we apply/slather on the tomato sauce & spread it evenly with the back of a spoon

Meantime, your oven should be preheating, at 410 degrees, and you can prepare your toppings.

Whatever is in the fridge works — this time, we went vegetarian, using: baby spinach, onions, peppers and garlic mixed in some virgin olive oil and spices


Make sure to apply toppings evenly, too, and it helps to cut them around the same size.

Lastly, we sprinkle (liberally) the cheese on top. We used a mix of 5 Italian cheeses and Parmesan — but have experimented with Swiss, Gouda & Feta in the past, with very satisfying results.


Now, you are ready to pop your edible work of art into the oven & have only to wait for 20 minutes or so... before you can demolish it :)


Presto! 👨🏻‍🍳


Doesn't it taste bad when you cook fresh basil?
I ate a pizza like this. They had cooked fresh basil. It had a very strange taste.

I'm not sure, man, I didn't use basil... That's baby spinach in the picture and it was delicious

Good looking pie!

We'd love to see more of your pizzas over in the $PIZZA token community!


Hey, good to know, for future posts (my wife is a pizza-junkie, it might be sooner than later :)

Awesome! We cannot wait to see them!




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Oh boy.... I need one just now ☺😋😋😋👌👌👌

Give it a try, man; it's not that hard :)

I try soon 😅👌👌😋

Good luck! It goes well with the weekend, and a movie :)

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Woohoo... Thank you!

Love your Foodie post!

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Much appreciated :)

Se ve buena

Thank you, for stopping by 🙂