Happy Bitcoin pizza day ! Half homemade pizza

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Hello Hivers !

If you are here there is obviously no need to explain what Bitcoin is. And your opinion could be the same as mine, you think that Bitcoin is now an old man and a lot of younger cryptocurrencies are way better, with a stronger blockchain, consuming less energy and let engine be rewarded and I'm obviously speaking of Hive !
But there is one thing we shouldn't forget. If the Bitcoin didn't exist, so Hive neither.
If you know the story of the Bitcoin pizza, you can skip this part.
The first Bitcoin has been mined in 2009 and until the May 22th 2010, nothing had been bought with it and this first thing bought with bitcoins is a pizza. A pizzeria accepted that someone uses Bitcoin to buy a pizza. At this moment, the Bitcoin was so weak that it needed 10 000 bitcoins to pay the pizza. If they kept the Bitcoin until today, it will be worth around $100Million.
Today will be the first year that I will celebrate the Bitcoin pizza day, just because this is an occasion to eat some pizza.

This is my Bitcoin pizza day's pizza !

If I call that half handmade it is because it start with a totally not handmade pizza. Yes, I know, this doesn't makes sense at all.
I first took a frozen pizza :

Then I put on it some pieces of fried potatoes : IMG_20200522_201045_compress63.jpg

After that I add some slices of mushrooms : IMG_20200522_201232.jpg

After the mushroom, I put on it some cheese. Usually I put several types of cheese but here I only have one :

The last thing is to put some taste. I put on it some minced soja, herbe ( thyme and tarragon ) and some spices, here some cumin :

There is juste one more step, cooking it.


When I'm writing it I already ate it. It was a pizza for two persons when frozen, so it could be for four after everything I added. I ate it alone, it was heavy and I hope you'll believe me if I say that I can't move anymore. I'll just wait a couple hours to be able to take a shower before going to bed.