Vegan Bolognese sauce

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Today, I wanted too cook something for the whole family.
The plan was to eat pastas with an industrial sauce. But as a vegetarian I obviously didn't want to eat Bolognese. So I made it myself replacing the "meatballs" with some crushed tofu".
All I needed was : Tofu, onion, garlic, basilic, Tomatoes, carrots, paprika, cumin and some soy sauce

IMG_20200429_210615 1.jpgIMG_20200429_210610 1.jpg

It doesn't look awesome but you can believe my, this is incredible, probably the most delightful Bolognese I ever ate ! You should try it through this recipe. This is in French but you should probably translate it easily with any online translator.

I hope you will try it and love it as me !