Grow Your Own Food - Cook Your Own Meal - Easy Green Bean Soup

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Grow Your Own Food - Cook Your Own Meal, this sounds like back to basics and in a certain sense it is. This is the new normal for some people.

Many, many years ago people were growing their own food and eating what they could harvest. That was normal for everyone. Then came the change, division of labour, so some chose agriculture, while others chose to earn their living doing other things and buying food with fiat. Then came cheating and now nothing is what it was before. Growing vegetable fast, to be able to get a bigger profit has a bunch of disadvantages and that's how we are sold fruits and veggies that have no taste, are toxic in many cases, not to mention the high price. This is why those who have a garden and willingness to work it, have returned to growing their own food.


Even though this year was the worst so far of the last few, we've managed to grow quite a lot, thanks to our amazing neighbors as well. We won't have every type of vegetable we used to have, and even those we have will be less as quantity but even so, we're grateful to have as much.


Today I'm proud to show you the first soup I made using the green beans grown in the garden. The first green bean soup with homemade tomato juice and sour cream.


This photo was taken two weeks ago, when some of the green beans were only flowering. The weather in this period was favorable to them, so it's already harvest time.

Green beans are very easy to cook and the best is to make soup. A light, easy, delicious summer soup that can be eaten hot or cold, depending on what you're looking for.



  • 1 kg green beans,
  • 1 big onion,
  • 3 - 4 clove garlic,
  • salt,
  • pepper (optional),
  • tomato or juice (scroll down for suggestions),
  • apple vinegar,
  • parsley (scroll down for suggestions),
  • sour cream (optional).


Clean, chop and wash the beans, add to the soup pot. Add salt, water to cover, onion, garlic and then the chopped parsley.

Suggestions: if you don't like parsley, you can use any green spice you like.

Cover with a lid and cook on medium heat till it's tender. Make sure not to overcook as these is fresh, young green beans, no need to cook for hours, I believe 25 - 30 minutes are fine.

When the beans are tender, add chopped tomatoes or tomato juice.

Suggestions: Usually I'm using fresh tomatoes as it's the best. Just chop two or three big tomatoes, add to the soup and cook for another 15 minutes. If you want to peal them first, then add the tomatoes to boiling water, let them soak till the peal cracks, take them out, let cook for a few minutes, peal, chop and then add to the soup.

This is a period when we don't have ripen tomatoes in the garden yet. What you can buy at the market are either so expensive that you can't afford to buy much or the cheaper ones are good for nothing as only half ripen.


In cases like this I'm using my homemade tomato juice, made of homegrown tomatoes. This is already salted, so I'm usually using less salt in the soup. If you're using tomato juice, just add it to the soup, let cook for 10 minutes and it's done. Add vinegar if necessary, I did. Also serve with sour cream if you like it. Otherwise the soup is ready.

Gardening is hard work but it is definitely rewarding.

Check out my latest recipes:

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I have always dreamed of cooking with products from my garden. Unfortunately I don't have a garden and the yard is very small. I only have a few bushes of larch and oregano.
I intend to make tomato juice with tomatoes from the market, of course. I did it last year but it broke. I think I put too little salt. Do you think that could be the cause?
A question about Hive voter. I put 12 colleagues in Fanbase to vote for automatically but I think I did something wrong because not all of their posts are voted.

What do you mean it broke? What's happened as I don't understand.

As about Hive voter, you should check the setting s of each person you want to vote as the default settings are 2 for weekly limit and 1 for daily limit I believe. Modify that to whatever limit you think it's appropriate. Also check your Upvote Mana threshold, maybe it's set for too high and you mana is lower at the moment.

I meant it was sour, I got the word wrong.

I have no problems with mana and I changed the limits to the maximum, I was probably wrong here. I will change these limits to see what happens, thank you!

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It depends on the tomato as well as some are sweet and others are sour as they are harvested before it can ripe. Some are kept in boxes for a day or two to turn red but that doesn't mean it's right. We don't use too much salt as it affects your food salt lever.

I understand, I have to pay attention to the quality of the tomatoes.