Sweat Bee, Chive Scapes Harvest - Monday

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Yesterday morning I was out of the house bright and early heading to town to pickup 6 barrels of spent brewing grain. Once home I let them sit until around 9am when I backed the trailer into the sheep pen and shoveled them all out. I let the birds out afterwards and they piled into the pen next to the sheep and spent the next couple hours scratching and pecking around the grain.

After taking R to school I spent some time wandering the property checking on everything. I am trying to figure out what else I can run through the freeze dryer now but there is not much until fruiting and more growth happens. As I walked past the Italian plums that are now in full bloom I saw this sweat bee crawling around the flowers. I see many types of bees on the farm along with my 2 hives of honey bees. I know I have bumble bees, sweat bees, mason bees, and mining bees that have nests on the farm somewhere.



In the afternoon I spent nearly an hour pulling all the rest of the flower heads from the row of chives. I have half a pound of them in the fridge right now that I will be putting through the freeze dryer once I can get a load worth of stuff ready. I have about another week I think before I can cut the chives down again.


Today R has school again, I pick up our grocery order, I am going to get berry juice in the freeze dryer to make powder from, I'm trying to get more shares of Cybin before they get uplisted to NASDAQ like Mindmed just did, and I need to plant 3 of the 5 native pear trees I have in pots. They have made it through the winters in the pots so should do really well once in the soil by the creek where they will have easy access to the water table.

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