Abundance on a Budget: How to Save Money on Fruits and Veggies

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Do you have to be rich to enjoy fruitful abundance in your kitchen? Certainly not.

Here are a few tips how you can save money on food while enjoying fresh, vibrant fruits and veggies:

🍉 LOCAL AND SEASONAL: Imported pineapples are usually more expensive than local apples. No matter where you are located, going for the local as well as seasonal fruits often let’s you get more for your money.

🍌 BUYING BIG: Two papayas and a bunch of bananas? Not for me. I like to buy my fruits in larger quantities which allows me much better prices. Simply ask at your market and they might be able to offer a whole box of your favourite fruity goodies.

🥒 SECOND GRADE: Let the second choice be your first choice! Oftentimes fruits are sold for a lower price when they get to ripe or have some blemishes. Fortunately for us fruit lovers, who know the best state of ripeness and treasure such findings that stores see as “overripe”. And when there is a blemish, let’s just cut it off and enjoy the beauty inside.

🍇 STORAGE: It is not all about prices for fruits and veggies but also to keep the abundance you have at home fresh. Eat up the produce that goes bad the fastest, store in the fridge when needed and freeze ripe fruits that you can’t eat up. It will be a great addition to your nicecream on another day.

🍅 PLANNING AHEAD: You see something for a great price? Buy it in abundance and freeze it for days when the prices are too high for your budget. I used to buy fresh organic tomatoes in big boxes whenever the price was great and froze them to make tomato-based sauces for my dinner salads every day. The same goes for bananas which I always have a comfortable amount of in my freezer - for my daily smoothies or nicecream.

💫 If you are excited about raw food but need some more guidance along the way, check out my new ebook Raw Vegan Abundance with great practical tips and delicious raw recipes for smoothies, nicecream, salads, zoodles and so much more to get you started.

Have an abundant day, everyone! Anais

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Fruits and vegetables are very essential in our diet and Thanks for explaining how to cut cost.

Great to hear that, John! :)

great tips! Fruit costs a LOT to buy in shops in many countries.. In India where i lived Fruits cost more than any meat or vegetable.. a real luxury for some.. my friend was a fruitarian there, wow she spent ALL her money on fruits and coconuts.. she also needed a truck to get them home ;_)

Really? I heard it to be the other way around since India is so abundant in great fruits. Well, she certainly knows how to prioritise her health and wellbeing :D You should see our car when we leave the Saturday markets every week - loaded!!

yes in ,many parts of india they are relatively cheap.... but in the south in the mountains its totally different.. and also an expensive indiain tourist trap..

I can imagine, thank you for the info ;)