Following Your Dreams - 4 Keys to Stay Motivated

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Starting something new and exciting - like eating more raw foods - can be the easier step. But often it is consistency with our healthy habits which is the real challenge.

How can we stay motivated even after the first burst of adventure vanishes?


Be clear in why you are doing something, what is your underlying motivation for a change? For example to be more energetic for playing with your kids, to have a sharper mind in order to better follow your passion projects or to overcome certain ailments that limit your freedom,... Remember your WHY whenever your paths gets bumpy, whenever you need a motivational push.


When it’s about food, put a bit of effort into finding a few recipes that amaze your taste buds. Make this journey as much joy and fun as possible. With fitness, try some new exercise programs and explore your favorite routines.


We are the average of the five people we surround ourselves the most. You want to be more creative? Spend more time with artists, people that follow their creative call. You want to eat healthier? Surround yourself with people that are as fit and healthy as you like to be. If your current environment doesn’t offer you the opportunity for that, use social media, blogs, podcasts, videos to follow health-conscious heroes - and you might want to step away from any content that awakens old cravings and habits in yourself.


Honour your path. Whenever it gets challenging, look at how you started and what amazing things you’ve already achieved. Celebrate that, be grateful. But also forgive yourself for falling down now and then. We often learn the most when getting challenged. The real success lies in standing up again and moving on - with more wisdom and strength.

How do you stay motivated with your goals? Do you have secret tips that helped you through the more challenging steps in creating healthier habits?

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Have a powerful day, everyone! Anais

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You are always an inspiration :) thanks for sharing!

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Happy to hear that - sometimes a message comes right at the perfect moment ;)

You must have read books by Simon Sinek :D Thanks a bunch

I really didn't :D But I am sure many people have similar experiences on their journey ;)