Vegan Sunday Breakfast : Credit to @ecotrain @chetanpadliya & My Mom (ecoTrain Simple Vegan Cooking On A Budget Month!)

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The most important aspect, of Hive Blockchain is that you will get to see and learn many new things. The culture,food,costume are just under your finger tips. The main thing is to make use of it properly.

Getting a leaf out of some fabulous food recipe post, I had a quick Vegan breakfast this morning (Sunday).


Lapsi & Sprouted Black Peas with Puffed rice.

Many of you know that we have an ongoing Simple Vegan Food Budget Month going on by @ecotrain and we get to see and learn some of the mouth watering dishes that could make you craving for it.

Like yesterday, it was our esteemed member @chetanpadliya made a quick traditional vegan sweet dish called Lapsi check here the recipe and without much delay,I tried the same at home, exactly the way it was instructed in the post. However with some less ingredients:

  • Wheat Flour
  • Jaggery
  • Dry Fruits
  • Water


@chetanpadliya, hope it came out well, though I used the fine wheat flour as available in our kitchen. But take my words I just loved it!

To add on to my breakfast, I had some Sprouted Black Peas. It is Infact quite simple to have them sprouted at home, it is quite regularly found at my home.

To add some salty spicy item in breakfast menu, I simple fried the Black peas in little oil and added a little quantity of Puffed Rice (we call them Muri) All credit to my Mom who suggested for the mix. The puffed Rice got crunchier on frying.


Now that is called a Budget breakfast with health and nutritious benefit. All these were cooked with very little effort. Infact all the item and readily available at home and enjoying the breakfast on sunday morning sitting by the window with cool breeze and a sparkling sun.


Thanks for making the platform, more delicious with so much nice contribution. I have one of the best sweet Sunday.


Namaste @steemflow


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Just WoW!! you made really nice Lapsi or I would love to say it halwa as you didn't use broken wheat. Sprouted black peas with puffed rice is really a good combination I never tried. Thanks for sharing your delicious breakfast.

Thanks dear, yes u can it halfway, the broken wheat does make alot difference still, it tastes better. Usually I avoid sugar, so suji halwa is nothing for...but this one is quite a good alternative....

This is very healthy food bade bhai full of protein

Thank you dear...halka hai but bhadiya hai

Ha mene bhe try krra hai ye

WOW, what a combination with puffed rice! With lapsi, I've ate spicy black grams or green grams byt never heard of this combo ...looks perfect!

Lekin bhai, yeh to gud ka halwa lag raha hai. Lapsi will taste entirely different than this. Next time, try it with daliya. Traditionally, it's made with wheat daliya but I prefer barley daliya in my diet.

You were so quick to take the inspiration for your breakfast!

Majburi me aata Gila karna......I was very much impressed with Chetan bhai recipe.....I tried it without broken wheat and it came out tasty too....but going by your option will try some other day...

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Thanks 🙂

Your delectable dish has been featured in our recipe tie up post! Thank you for joining in and feel free to post another this week!