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I decided to give odd box a try. This was £20 pretty much without the raspberries chillies and parsley which were an add on. I’m impressed by the variety as I was hoping it wouldn’t all be potatoes and apples. This was the family of 4-5 option which, is kind of scary as I feel it might be ok for the week with a lot of add ons like the salad stuff would be gone in a day or two! Do families really eat this little veg and fruit this would last them a week? But pretty happy with this as a nice add on weekly box. I think it’s rly good value and love the idea behind the company and their delivery is really good. The ethos of the company is that they collect up all the odd looking and surplus veg from farmers that the perfectionist super markets don''t want so it doesn't go to waste. It is amazing how much fruit and veg gets wasted just because it doesn't quite look perfect.

Lilith was looking hopefully at it but was bitterly disappointed lol







brilliant.. i think this is a much needed initative. the amount of perfectly good veggies that get thrown out of supermarkets is staggering! and that harvest looks amazing! everything i like is in there!

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