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It was a couple of days without picking the squash to let them do some regrowing and yesterday I got out to see what I could harvest. I ended up with exactly 20 pounds in the tub and 75 lbs in the cooler which are going to the co-op tomorrow morning. The plants are still producing albeit at a slower rate now that the frost hit the leaves. I need just 3 more pounds to hit 2000 pounds of summer squash picked this year.


I had just finished picking the squash when UPS pulled up to the end of our driveway. We were his first stop, thankfully since the package was an over nighter from a co-worker of @stryeyz at one of the companies in the conglomerate. In it we got crab, clams, and elk burger and sausage. OMG! We are going to be getting a bunch of stuff to send back to him as thank you for the bounty.


The sunflowers have gotten so heavy they are breaking themselves in half. The row has fallen to either side and is resting on the top wires of the row which is at 6 feet. I clamped the irrigation line to kill the water t o them to hopefully get them to ripen faster.


A good number of hot peppers were ready to be picked. These 3 ancho weighed 1 pound.


I picked 1.25 pounds of the jalapeno and Hungarian wax peppers combined. I only took the largest of them and have left the rest to continue to grow and ripen.


By 12:30 I had the first tray filled with diced green bell peppers. Technically they are just picked at green since some are goldens, orange, and king of the north that I did not let turn color.


You can see the tip of the cut one has a bit of color and the seeds are tinged red.


The second tray got filled with diced green as well.


So many of the peppers have a personality, like this one that looks like it is smirking. What does it know that I don't?


My favorite tray of the batch is the 3rd that I filled with orange, red, and green bell peppers. It has such a nice look to it and the orange and red are nice and sweet.


The next tray started the hot [peppers. I cut up all the jalapenos then diced them and spread them on the tray. The Hungarian wax got the same treatment and together they filled out the tray nicely.


As I cut up the ancho I found the 3 were not enough to fill the 5th tray so I went out and picked a pair that weighed half a pound together. The 5 total ancho completely filled the 5th tray.


After eating lunch I headed out to keep working on the wood. I have only about 18 rounds left to split of the wood I got last weekend. I have more than enough room for it in the pile. I got the back row nearly filled in and will probably only get the middle filled with the rounds I have left. I have a couple trees on the farm that can come down so I am not hurting for wood.


We started our day in the tub and ended there. We watched the 2 most recent episodes of What We Do In The Dark which is a pretty funny show. Silly and irreverent it's a show about vampires.


This morning I went to town at 5:30am to get 6 barrels of grain from the 2 breweries, 4 from one and 2 from the other after a little combining. It really is nice to be driving to town in negligible traffic and then on my way home all the traffic is going the opposite direction. I got home in time to do our morning soak before @stryeyz had to get to work. She is going away for the weekend so we wanted one last soak before she left.

I have to go up to the winter squash garden today, finish splitting the wood, empty the barrels of grain, roll a bale of hay to the sheep and alpaca, and hopefully I can find the ambition to cut the hops down.

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I expect you don't have the same problem with the hot peppers being too much in the house when freeze drying as you might when dehydrating?

Not at all since all the flavor and capsaicin is left in the peppers and not evaporated with the water in dehydrating. Anything in the freeze dryer is locked in the ice on the side walls of the chamber and drains out in the defrosting. There is minimal scent in the chamber after each run.

I suspected that was the case, but was curious.

Yay! 🤗
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