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Sweetie, there's something on your pants

Anytime I can snag the hubs to come work with me in the kitchen, I take it!

Not only is he great company, but he always has fun ideas that really shake things up.

The other day we were craving something sweet, and I knew we had been holding on to some apples that were way past their prime. At this point, I was hoping they wouldn't mold before I could get to them, haha. So as we brain stormed, we came up with the perfect plan...fried pies!

We had talked about trying to make them before, but I was really intimated. It seemed complicated...but I'm not sure why. So, I looked up a recipe...of course I did 😂...and found a vegan copy cat for Amish fried pies! They said the chewy texture of the dough was perfect. We were all in.

Now the hubs has been working on his fried apple game for some time now, and has really been nailing it. The last time he made them were for crepes, and when he thickened them up with some cornstarch, I knew we needed to do it again for a pie of some sort. Well, now was the time! Unfortunately, we were out of cornstarch. We didn't let it hold us back though!

We got our middle son, the Inventor, to peel the apples for us...honestly that's the worst part haha. Then we fried apples and made the crust. Something really surprising about the crust was the use of hot almond milk. I needed to use chilled vegan butter...then melt it with the milk? But it said it would give it just the right texture, which makes sense because fried pies are more chewy than flaky. So I ignored my inner voice that shouted "use cold milk!" and went for it! And full disclosure, we didn't have any butter so I used coconut oil.

At first, we made the crust too thin, and with the apples being liquidy, it did leak out a bit, but again we pressed on! It was an experiment after all!

The only problem came when it was time to fry them. The liquid that had seeped out had burned a little in the pan causing the pies to have some black on them. But even that flaked off after they cooled. They turned out golden brown! I wish I had taken a picture, but we were really living in the moment!

We made a batch and a half, and we ended up with ten pies about five inches long and three wide. Then after a yummy taco dinner (that I suckered him into helping me with), we launched into them! And they were chewy, cinnamony and delicious! We each were able to have two, but I really could've have gone for more! And days later I'm still drooling over it.

Most fried pies have a nice powder sugar glaze that we opted out of, which I'm glad because the extra sugar would've made me jittery...although at some point it would be worth a try!

If you are interested in trying the recipe, which I highly recommend, I will leave the link here

Thanks so much for sharing this with me!

Much love,
Stacie D

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