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Just look at how many we got!

Wow, Monster Truck and I really laid into the gar this time. In total, we caught six, and that's because we each landed three. My personal best in one day was five, but no one else caught any, so that was only five total. It was an amazing time fishing, and we had such fun reeling in these massive fish. Just look at the pile of gar we ended up with! How cool is that? Enjoy the pics.


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What the heck are you gonna do with them @papa-pepper ? Growing up in S Ga, no one would eat them, usually tossing them on the bank to die because they ate your bait.

I asked once about eating them, the universal reply was that they were too bony

They don't have to be human food. Plenty of the farm life would be helped by the nutrients in the fish. While I presume he eats them I also know I will throw our local lake catfish to the animals since there is so little meat on them for fillets, but they are great for the soil and the animals.

Too boney? I'd say that they have two giant boneless backstraps in them that are amazing. Honestly, it's our current favorite fish to eat. They have a chicken-like texture to them when breaded and deep-fried, kind of like a chicken tender. Here's a video we did on the process.

That is pretty interesting @papa-pepper, thanks for clearing that up