Celebrate the Weekend with a Home Cafe Drink

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Feelings are the most changing things in this world. And creating our happiness is the most sensible thing in this world instead of making other people our reasons to be happy.

Making cafe-style drinks is one thing you can do.

I love experimenting with food ingredients but I always try to make them have great results. As much as possible I don't throw away the leftovers.


So here I want to share a drink which I name Iced Sweet Galaxy.

Drink made from Dragon Fruits

The drink that I named Iced Sweet Galaxy is a drink made from dragon fruit juice, plant-based milk, and butterfly pea flower water.


Here I also don't use any added sweeteners because I feel the dragon fruit juice is sweet enough.

But you can add sugar according to your taste if the final juice is not good.


  • Red Dragon Fruit
  • Coconut Milk
  • Butterfly Pea Flowers Water
  • Ice Cubes for serving


How to make

  • Make red dragon fruit juice. Then prepare other ingredients for the serving process.

Serving Process

  • Put in the dragon fruit juice first.
  • Then ice cubes.
  • Then add coconut milk or other plant-based properties.
  • The final stage, add butterfly flowers water.
  • Serve it.



How do you think about my home cafe-style drink?

Pretty, right? Are you interested in trying it?




The name fits really well, it does look like a galaxy.
And the ingredients sound so exotic to me, we don't have dragonfruits or butterfly pea flowers here
Beautiful cocktail! <3

Yes these are Asian Ingredients:)

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day! :)

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