I draw art on the cake. Cake for a children's party, for a child's birthday.

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I draw art on the cake.

Cake for a children's party, for a child's birthday.

I already work more confidently in the new direction for me - I draw on food. I have already painted a lot of gingerbread and cakes.

I will not stop. Even if I don't work in a confectionery factory, I will paint on cakes, gingerbread at home for myself and my family.

I enjoyed painting on food. Although it was unexpected even for me. I never thought that I would work in a confectionery factory.

Now I have learned and can paint at home to order, for example.

Рисую арты на торте.

Торт на детский праздник, на день Рождение ребенку.

Я уже более уверенно работаю в новоддля меня направлении - рисую на еде. Я уже много расписала пряников и тортов.

Не буду останавливаться. Даже если я не буду работать на кондитерской фабрике, я буду рисовать на тортах, пряниках дома для себя и своей семьи.

Мне понравилось рисовать на еде. Хотя это было неожиданно даже для меня. Никогда не думала, что буду работать на кондитерской фабрике.

Теперь я научилась и могу рисовать дома на заказ, к примеру.

a couple of photos of the work process:


cute cake, although I'm not a child, but I would like such a cake, especially with the heroes of the movie "Alien. Testament") lol

many thanks! =)

Wow, this cake looks amazing, you are very talented. I would love to have a cake like this, I think I would spend hours admiring every artistic detail instead of eating it haha.

hey! many thanks!

How amazing, you are very talented.

many thanks!