French fries, fried eggs, fried bacon.

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French fries, fried eggs, fried bacon.

Light, quick supper.

Of course a little greasy, but sometimes you can.

I love fried potatoes since childhood. When my cousin and I came to visit my grandmother, she always fried potatoes for us.

These are ready-made fries, they are sold in special bags in the store. It only needs to be fried. Pour oil into a frying pan, heat well, add potatoes in small portions. They cook much faster than regular potatoes. Cut the bacon into thin slices, put the bacon in a dry frying pan, fry on both sides. We fry eggs. I like eggs not overcooked, I like it when the yolk spreads a little.

Enjoy your meal!

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Fried items cause of gas. We should avoid as much we can. But in weekend can break the rules.

This applies not only to fried.
You can eat fried if it is cooked in a non-stick pan, without oil.
There are many harmful products. Or, for example, what can be useful for you for my body can be harmful)

Be healthy!

The perfect hangover cure

ahahah) yeah)

Lol so when can we go out for drinks and I can get my breakfast after 😬


so much oil :P XD

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This is not butter, this is the fat that comes out of the bacon)
In addition, fries are boiled in a large amount of butter at McDonald's)