Light soup. Very tasty.

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Light soup. Very tasty.

I like light soup. It can be said to be dietary. No frying.

Ingredients: homemade chicken, potatoes, carrots, onions, dill.

Cooking: Cook the chicken (if we cook homemade for about 2 hours over low heat), clean the vegetables, add the regimen when the meat is ready, cook the vegetables (20 minutes), add the dill, break the egg and mix well. Salt and pepper.

We cook meat. Since the chicken is homemade, it needs to be cooked longer. I cooked over low heat for about 2 hours. Then the meat became tender, soft.

Wash potatoes, onions and carrots well. Clean. Cut the potatoes into cubes, I throw the onion whole into the soup, then, as the soup cooks, I take out the onion and throw it away. Carrots can be cut into strips or grated.

Pour in potatoes, carrots and onions. We boil.

Wash the dill. Cut. Pour into other ingredients.

Add the egg. Mix well.

Salt. Pepper.

enjoy your meal!

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