Winter trip. Walk in the fresh air.

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Winter trip. Walk in the fresh air.

We can say that spring is already very close. Today it is very warm outside, about +14 degrees. You could wear a light jacket. But I did not expect that it would be so warm and I wore this cream jacket, it was hot in it.

We took these photos from the trip about a couple of weeks ago when it was still cool and there was snow. There will still be frosts ahead, especially at night, but I hope that it will not be as cold as it was -20 degrees.

I already want a warm spring to come, I want everything to bloom and smell around)

In nature, appetite wakes up. We bought pizza and garage with watermelon flavor.

Beautiful sky.

Great weekend to everyone!

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Amazing weather. In this winter hot pizza is really good.

Yes, the appetite wakes up in nature)
Thank you)