🌴 Tropical Beach Vocation | Nature | White Sand | Traveling with My Beloved People - (Part 1)

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Greetings everyone, it’s obvious reasons that I love to spend my vocation at the beach because it is the best place where the fresh air exists. Traveling in Cambodia, I don’t face the difficulties of finding a beautiful beach to visit because all of them are great, nice with its own unique, and now I am enabled to explore another white sand beach 🏖 calls Koh Kong. I am here today to share with you about my vocation that I keep it as a wonderful trip I have spend with my local community and my beloved people.


Well, I decided to spend about 4 day and 1 nights for this vocation. Today, I will show you my first day when I arrive there and I will continue to show you my next tourist journey in the next part.


It was 6 am when the bus is actually arrived. All of us have been waiting for the bus for an hour. According to what I ask the driver, he said this bus have a capacity of up to 50 passengers, for those who brings their kids with them can also devise the space center.


Before I boarded on the bus, I always have to make sure that everybody got a seat, then I go to choose where it is comfortable for me to sit. I got a place with my aunt, she said she wants to sit near the window, so I am move next to the left instead. She is so happy for the trips, after having a little talk with her, I started to feel asleep and lay down since it is the time for everyone to take a naps. I’m actually felt asleep while driving like almost 3-4 hours.



So, the greatest thing about Koh Kong is that you are allowed to enjoy sitting on the beach without having to pay both national and International visitors.



Now, it is time to take pictures, some people are enjoying the selfie, make a video or taking a walk. Everyone are relaxing with the scenery.


My aunt smile so beautifully. She said she doesn’t feel tired or sick at all after a long sit on the bus. Generally, she always feel headache and even vomit while driving on a car. I am so happy for her too.


So here is a grill squid selling along the beach. She actually grill it immediately whenever you order, so that you can get a quality meat and it a lot of choice for you to choose as well. It is 2000 rial per each equals to 0.50 dollars. I think that the price is affordable and acceptable for everyone visitors.

There are always a lots of people selling street food near the beach, mostly older people, well no vendors or stalls at all. They just carried their goods and sell to tourists.

For me as a Cambodian who live here since I was born, I didn’t surprise at all, I see this thing everyday, but for those who come from overseas, definitely, they might catch the attention to this. I have walked around and see how friendly the seller shows to their customer.





This occasion, I am going with a big group of people, first I don’t expect that we are enable to have a picnic, all the guides who work for a tour company always try to help us finding a good place to relax, and now we actually got a comfortable place with a great atmosphere to enjoy our food.


Definitely, if course, we visit the sea, so our foot ordering must be a delicious seafood, fresh fruits after meal. Do you enjoy having fresh fruits after meal? For Cambodia, it is the common things, the majority of families both in the city and rural areas, wife or daughters always prepared fruits for members in the family. I find it a wonderful family tradition. Don’t you think? Well, not only the girl can prepare this, but also the boys too.


Our white sand beach vocation is assumed to be entirely refreshing. Here is the hotel, I am about to stay here 4-5 day more. Early morning, one of my friends wakes me up in order to eat the breakfast together. But, I did realize that there is only one bathroom in the room, so nothing else, I have to wait for my friends finish, then I can go there. After 3 minutes talking with another friend, now she was finished.

It takes me a minute to go down stairs, the guides already prepared the seat for us. Generally, my breakfast is simple, just the steamed rice and grill meat and more sauce, but now I am not a vocation. Something has changed, I want to try some new things. Well, my friends try to suggest and recommend me a lots of food, I didn’t know what should I choose. Finally, I got one which is fry rice with crabs.


So nice place and the food looks tasty. Travelling by bus is not always easy and comfortable, there are people that feel sick, indeed. That is great that your aunt felt good after the trip and you all could enjoy that beautiful place :)

Yeah that sounds pretty interesting to me, thanks you so much

Yay! 🤗
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A wonderful trip, the white sand are smooth and beautiful. I am waiting for your next blog, and hope to see more special things about your vocation.

Thanks for your good words dear,have a great day.