Vietnam's hottest burger challenge in Da Nang

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These sorts of eating challenges exist at restaurants around the world. Most of them focus on someone eating an astronomical amount of food in a certain period of time such as a steak that is more food than a person should eat in a week. This is the first challenge I have seen that is meant to test your ability to eat things that are super duper spicy.

There was no way that I was going to do this, but 2 of my friends were bold enough to try.


It takes place at a spot called Fly Burgers and the owner spent some time living in the USA and this is probably where he got the idea. This challenge had been performed and conquered by one of the members of our group already in the past. I met up with the owner of the place some time ago and he told me that they tweaked the burger and now it was significantly hotter and you are also now required to eat a large spicy fries as well. All of this must be completed in 20 minutes.


Maybe that sounds easy to some of you spice-loving people out there but when they were cooking the two burgers, most of our group, including me and my friend's dog, had to get closer to the entrance of the place. The seasoning, which I would imagine is some sort of crazy powdered spice that you are supposed to use sparingly like in an entire pot of chili, was totally coating both sides and created a noxious gas that was tough to be around.


After this hellspawn of a burger process is complete they move on to coating both buns with Carolina Reaper paste, and then smother the beef with wasabi. Just for a bit of added and i suppose at this point almost irrelevant kick, they put some Sricaha hot sauce on the burger as well.


Now when you look at that, it doesn't look all that menacing now does it? You are probably thinking to yourself that you could definitely do it. Well, I would bet money that most people wouldn't stand a chance.

One of the guys at our table, when visiting an Indian restaurant and they ask you how spicy do you want it? he will say hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot and then they try to kill him with the spice and many times he will actually send it back because it isn't spicy enough. If there is anyone that I could point a finger at and say "this guy can do it" it would be him. He managed to finish the burger in 18 minutes and by the time he got started on the fries, which were covered in cayenne and salt (the salt is probably worse because it would re-activate all the spices still on your tongue) he didn't really stand a chance at finishing on time. The other person in the challenge, who was clearly suffering despite the fact that he brought milk with him, stated that he "doesn't like fries" but we all know that he was throwing in the towel because it was too spicy. Who TF doesn't like fries?


This burger, if you don't want to enter the challenge is 250k normally although since I don't really consider anything that absurdly spicy to actually be food, it would be a waste of money in my mind.

I did NOT enter the challenge but just ordered a regular burger and it was one of the best I have had anywhere in Asia. So I recommend this place even if you are not interested in eating a lava sandwich.

You can find them Here

This might be the best burgers in Asia but I seriously do NOT recommend you try the The Reaper challenge. Another friend of mine had it in the past, tried one bite and gave up. I had half a bite of his burger after he threw in the towel and needed several bottles of water to get over the taste. It's a killer!




These challenges of "can you eat it all?" in any capacity have always been something I enjoy watching but would never participated in. Why would you want to destroy your meal and punish yourself with something that is supposed to be an enjoyable experience. That being said, I don't mind watching other people's suffering :P

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I think this guy's got a solid business plan. There is such a difference between guys like this who open a business based off observations of tourists in their own country versus a Vietnamese guy who has lived abroad and seen foreigners in more natural circumstances, allowing a clearer picture of westerners likes and spending habits, etc.

Thanks for sharing1

yeah the idea did seem pretty foreign because I have never seen anything like that in this country before. I wasn't terribly surprised when i met the owner and he was fluent in English and very familiar with American culture.