🥥 Khmer Coconut Candy Ribbons🌴 Snack Memories From A Thai Refugee Camp ⛺️ An Ital Recipe

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Because we have so many coconuts it made me want to make coconut candy or coconut snack. I am really not clear its name, but in my country we call it Domnaap Doang.

This coconut snack reminds me of growing up in a refugee camp in Thailand from 1984-1993 I saw the people in the camp making them to sell. They made red, yellow, green, orange and white, and they looked very delicious, but I never had any money to buy them.

All the people living there eat only eggs and canned fish with rice every day. If we were sick and need to sleep in the hospital, we could eat meat and desserts made from beans, or sometimes they have fruit also.

When I was sick and sleep in the hospital I don’t want to leave the because there was delicious food in my mind when I leave and go back inside the camp.

I feel give thanks to UNBRO a lot to help Cambodia people. If not have the UN maybe not have me today also 🙏🏻. I wish UN to help Burma people soon. I wish everything in Burma better soon 🙏🙏🙏.



👩‍🍳 Coconut Candy Ribbons 🥥



  • 1 old coconut (about 1 cup of meat)
  • 6 tbsps sugar or taste (or rock sugar)
  • 1/4 tsp salt

👉🏼 If we make it with rock sugar is very good for this recipe, and we will see the sugar become like snow on the coconut. I try to find rock sugar at two different stores near my place, but they not have it. So many people use brown sugar or white sugar also, and at my house use only brown Jamaica sugar.


Cut the butt and head of the coconut, then cut coconut shell from top to bottom around the coconut. The old coconut is easy to open, it’s not hard like the dry coconut.


After I removed the coconut husk I hit around the coconut and remove the hard shell. Then I took a knife to remove the brown woody places.


Then take water and put 1/2 of lime's juice and clean coconut or not use lime juice it’s okay, it’s just little bit brown sometimes.



I slice it very thin like that.


Put pan on stove and add coconut shreds, then add sugar salt and stir it, turn on the stove small enough.

If you want to put color you can add it with the sugar. Stir it until looks like that then turn off the stove and keep it until cold.


If you want to save it for eat a long time you need to dry it under the sun until very dry and put it in the glass.



Have a beautiful day everybody.


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Monkey B



We love this coconut, we always see it in the store, but we did not know how to prepare it and it really is an easy recipe. We hope that things in your area improve and that the necessary aid for the well-being of the town arrives.

Yes it’s easy to make eat, many thanks for your kind words and support. !ENGAGE 25

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This is such a fun post. I want to make this but I cannot open a coconut. I will try soon. I think my friends would really like this as a food gift. Nice instructions my friend.

Yes, my friend and I hope you will make eat soon and better than me if you have rock sugar and another color. I want to make beautiful colors in my mind but I don’t have them. !ENGAGE 20

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Bookmarked! You bringing me, my childhood memories. I have to make this again! Thanks for sharing Mom 😍

You are welcome my beautiful daughter and smart. I wish you good luck and good life forever😊. !ENGAGE 15

Have a great weekeend!

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Woo..it's a snack like in ancient Indonesia. I like your post.

Thank you for your like my post 😊. !ENGAGE 10

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Coconut is indeed your favourite ingredient 🙃

Yes, you are right coconut is my favorite. !ENGAGE 10

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I really love it mom. Can you make it again someday please?

Yes I will do it again if we have coconut. !ENGAGE 10

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This looks really delicious sis.
Will this be made into sweets?
I also saw your little girl who is very smart, I like that, she has been independent since childhood.

Yes, this recipe to make a little sweet or more as we like. Thank you very much bro for your kind words I hope she is independent until she grow up. !ENGAGE 15

Yeah, it must be Sis.
The important thing is that you have to teach him to be independent, because parental education is very important.

Send my regards for him.
What's his name sis ..

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