🍓Strawberries - Monomad Photography Challenge 📸

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Hello strawberries lovers! Among my favorite fruits are strawberries, with ice cream, with hotcake, in juice or simply alone with cream, I love strawberries and those who know me know that I am also a hotcake lover, so combining them is the best.

During my breakfast yesterday I thought of taking some pictures of strawberries with the idea of sharing them in color, but while I was editing them I found that in black and white they look different, I don't remember if I have ever shared pictures of strawberries in black and white, maybe they don't look very tasty but for sure they are interesting! I hope you like them!





This is my entry for the #monomad photography challenge sponsored by @monochromes.

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With love. Maria Ballesteros. 💜

All images are my property unless otherwise credited.


Credits Zord89


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Excelentes imágenes, una manera distinta de ver las fresas, de las tres me gusta más la segunda, se ven muy bien las texturas y el volumen. Felicitaciones. Un fuerte abrazo desde Maracay.

Gracias Irvinc. Un abrazo para ti tambien desde este rincón!🤗


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Que interesante ha sido ver esta fresa monocromática pues siempre es presentada con su vivo color rojo, por cierto en la tercera foto creo que no podría reconocer que es una fresa.

La verdad no parece un corte de fresa en la tercera, en monocromático las cosas no parecen ser lo que son. Gracias mi querida Euge!


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