Making Mocktail Garnish

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Now, I'm crazy about learning food/beverage plating and it's truly a fun activity!

So for today I’m preparing making mocktail garnish.


The thing that occurred to me about red during summer was watermelon.


These watermelon satays will be a complement to the mocktail that I will make.


Watermelon presentation in the form of satay like this also gives a different impression and makes it easier for others to enjoy it if later it is served in a glass to perfect the drink.


The red color on the watermelon is a symbol of passion, and thirst that wants to be refreshed immediately! We can imagine so much water content in watermelon that makes it so fresh.


When the watermelon satay is put into the mocktail, it will create extra freshness, double taste, and the texture of the watermelon will also be more easily combined with ice-cold water on a mocktail or cocktail.

The watermelon satay that I make is the process of serving a more interesting garnish drink than when the watermelon is only chopped in general.

Happy summer everyone!

Sneak Peak of my mocktail


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Well, I become very lazy when I think about the garnish. You cut the watermelons precisely, I just slice them and eat. When I prepare cocktails or mocktails for myself, I just prepare and drink without any garnish :P

I seeee you are lazy girl sis 😝

Ah sis, don't ask me, I am very lazy...

I hope it was super refreshment, cheers!
Specially I like fruits cocktail, and it is looking josh.

Yes it was supeeeeer fresh!

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It’s look very delicious.

Thanks kids!