What's Cooking? Egusi And Poundo Yam

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Hello everyone, hope you are doing great and staying safe out there. This is me in the kitchen today on the meal...Egusi And Poundo Yam.

Ingredients Used

  • Egusi

  • Stockfish

  • Blended Crayfish

  • Blended pepper(It could be dried or fresh)

  • Pumpkin leaves

  • Red oil
  • Fish/meat/or nothing

In preparing Egusi there are different methods which varies from different individual. I call this one here "the watery egusi"...it is not particularly watery but instead of frying with oil like some people do it, I put the egusi directly into boiling water with the ingredients in it.

What you do first is making sure you wash your meat, fish, stockfish, or cow skin...whatever is you want to put is up to you in this regard. Put them in a pot. After which you add your grinded pepper, crayfish...then add water in the pot. The water would depend on how much of the main ingredient "Egusi" you want to use but to be on a safe side just put an amount of water that is a little above your meat, fish and all...that way if the water isn't enough you can add more.

Leave to boil for 8-10mins, when the water is boiled with the ingredients in it, you can now add the egusi...which you can either choose to put in directly or mix in with a little water before that. Then you add salt and maggi to taste, after which you can add the red oil...some minutes later you add the pumpkin leaves.

Egusi mixed with water

The ingredients are all in now...it is time to wait for about 15-20mins to cook. This is where I run to the sitting room to watch some scenes in the Zee world series..."Deception" lol. 15-20mins later, voilà the soup is ready.

Looks good isn't? You can use this soup with any swallow (Cassava flakes which is Eba, Amala, Pounds et all) or with Rice depending on your preference. But for today, it is with "Poundo".

So that's is for dinner, I hope you like it. 😉 Well, am not so good when it comes to giving "how" but then I hope I tried lol. Thanks for dropping by...have a lovely day and stay safe.

  • Images used are all mine.

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Sexy looking Egusi. I recently started using the boiling rather than fry method, taste good too. Nice job.

Thanks dear...sexy huh lol.

Your recipe, friend @bliss11, is very interesting, fish is a rich source of phosphorus and your preparation is a different way. I enjoy seeing gastronomy from another side of the world.

Am glad you like it... I like fish a lot too. Thanks for stopping by. 🤗

This is also a meal soup right , so rich with fish I would have enough from one bowl. I will read it again because I think we lack so many ingredients here to make it. But I love the share. We have a new asssignment for the ralliers the terminal cookbook you might want to check out the other recipes

Yes it is mama...lol. I'd check out the terminal cookbook to see the recipes. Am glad you like the meal. 🤗