I am caleiny and this is my introduction

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Hello I am new here and this is my introduction, I am a 21-year-old girl, I live in Venezuela.


I am a young entrepreneur, I love cooking, nature, little things.

I like good food, I love to cook and experiment every day, I always wonder why I am so thin if I eat so much, haha ​​genetics I guess.

I am the mother of a little girl of 1 and a half years, I have a small family formed and I love her.

I like the tranquility, the silence, I always like to be at peace with myself.
I am not a lover of music at high volume, I like it but always in a medium tone.

I am happy just being in my room, my daughter and my partner, watching movies, eating popcorn.
I like the sea, appreciate the beautiful things in nature, see the beautiful moon every night and the stars.

I always aspire to learn every day what I like about cooking and baking.

Now I am here, to learn from this platform, I hope you can help me.
I want to create all kinds of content.



Bienvenida amiga a la gran familia de hive, espero seguir viendo mas de tu contenido.

Gracias por tu calurosa bienvenida.

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Gracias por el apoyo.

Es un placer nuestro @caleiny! Que bueno ver tus primeros pasos! Vas bien!