Eating Some Risky But Delicious Food

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Delicious crabs you cannot find anywhere else with this kind of preparation, only salted! :D

15 crabs.jpg

Kimchi for my vegetable and probiotic source :D

kimchi aug 2.jpg

You got to have some rice.

rice aug 2.jpg

Exquisite and delectable, simply delicious and yet so adventurous and close to dangerous kind of dish this is, well if you do not know how to eat them. That is how I would just describe this kind of viand because it so delicious really and has to be eaten with rice seasoned with fish sauce to amke yourself a very savory meal.

I had to request my mother to give me more rice because it is just unusual to eat 15 raw river crabs at a time (salted or fermented raw crabs) because with only six of these your rice will already be so tasty and more than that you will just be in heaven especially if you have a very good appetite.

Too bad for me I just have a bad appetite but I haven't had my Cinacalcet yesterday so I just somewhat enjoyed this meal today.

I just haven't been able to take a photo of the crab fat mixed with rice but the fat would give the rice a golden color and a very savory taste incomparable to blue crabs which aren't as tasty as the river crabs.

There is a trick on how not to get your stomach upset for eating these crabs because if you puncture or ate the stomach you will really get a bad diarrhea. In my last couple of meals I haven't suffered from G.I upset so I am just doing the right thing.

It was really tough for me to eat these crabs because I have no good working teeth but I can still use my lower left and upper incisor to squeeze the minuscule meat from the body of these delicious river crabs.

But the selling point of these crabs really was its fat, you mix it with rice and season it with fish sauce an that is it! You have to have some other protein source though and some vegetables to have a nice nourishing and delicious meal for yourself. In my case I ate them with some fried pork pieces and some Kimchi and washed them down with Yakult once again and a cup of decaffeinated coffee.

I might not eat anymore this evening because I already had taken my Cinacalcet,it just destroys my appetite. I could maybe have some toasted bread if I would not get to sleep earlier. The weather has been relatively cooler because it was raining almost every few hours and it might also rain later in the evening, the sky is grey and people just wants to slumber and take it easy or sleep.

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I never had those, but I have had Alaskan King crab legs and OMG they are tasty!

Fresh fat from river crabs is really tasty @old-guy-photos :D

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