I Needed Kimchi For Most Of My Meals Now

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I have been finding ways in making me eat more or at least cause me to get some appetite going for my meals and it seems that Kimchi would be the best thing for that. It is because of the spiciness of the Kimchi as well as its taste that keeps me wanting to eat more rice to finish it rather than leaving some out in my plate.

Kimchi also has some health benefits to it because of its good bacteria that for one thing would aid for my digestion, making me to assimilate the food's nutrients that I eat and from the Kimchi itself which has some other vegetables in it too.

Then Kimchi also will aid for my constipation issues because I would eat some vegetables more then my daily dietary fiber intake. Then it can definitely reduce my Cholesterol level even though I am not really concerned about that issue but really my need to get more calories into my body.


Then Kimchi really adds appetite and excitement for my meals. Now I wanted it to be more spicier because the spiciness adds more urge for me to finish my rice meals which is important for me because I have to eat more in order to reduce the nauseating side-effects of Cinacalcet to my body.

I will see if I can buy some Kimchi from the Korean restaurants here near my town. I do not want to buy online yet because they relatively charge more for it or maybe I could tell my sister-in-law to buy it for me and I will just pay it back to her and it sounds to be both a good plan for me.

Fir me eating Kimchi seems to be solving some of my health issues like the need to consume more vegetables, adding appetite to my already longstanding poor appetite because of the side-effects of Cinacalcet into my body, and it also has beneficial good bacteria that will help me assimilate more from the foods that I eat which will give me more nutrition for my already emaciated body.

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Kimchi is great to add to all kinds of food. I like adding it to hamburgers and hot dogs. When I can find it, kimchi soup is one of my favorites.

I really like, it adds a bit of appetite in my every bite of food.

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