This Pasta Almost Make Me Go To Hospital But I Have My Savior.

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I was so hungry in the middle of the night.
So i went to the kitchen, in there I found that I still have some pasta left.
And I decided to make it.
I make the sauce with sambal bawang.
Its crazily spicy.
Well, i know that my stomach condition nog in the best lately.
Plus, i have a lot if stress too lately.
My body just cant keep up with my mind.

Its the biggest mistake that i made today.
Because, just few minutes after i finished eating.
I almost fainted due to my ulcer coming up.
I took my pill immediately, but the pain is so unbearable.
I kept sweating and i cant even make a sound since everything is so painful.
My head feels like it went crazy.
I almost begged my mon to go yo hospital because the pain is so unbearable.


But, i suddenly remembered that i have this.
This is a balsamic oil that my mom bought from a massage therapist.
It solved my problem a lot of times already.
Its magical because almost immediately the pain that i felt lessen a lot to the poinf its just uncomfortable feeling.


I put it in all over my body, especially my stomach.
Because thats the source if the pain.
Honestly, dont wish that this can fix our ulcer.
I think what if does are it will help us lessen the pain that we felt a lot when we’re waiting for our medicine to kick in.
Most if the time, the time when we need to wait for the medicine that we took to start working and lessen the pain is hella long.
and it will feel like we’re in hell.
But with this, i can comfortably waiting.
But, i cant fully rest because i need to reapply them every 1 hour so i will not feel unbearable pain suddenly.

Moral if the story are: dont be like me, dont eat spicy food when you know your body condition not in the best.

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