Picking in the Smoke - Monday

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Ick this air is nasty. It makes being outside tortuous and I am trying to limit my time out in it but I have to get stuff done on the farm. The plants don't stop growing. The squash are still putting off small numbers and I have just enough for this morning's delivery.


I set the sprinkler on the pole beans to try and wash off the ash that has coated EVERYTHING around. I let it run for a good while and once I turned it off the plants all looked so much better, cleaner and green looking, not white.


I needed to pick more beans to fill my order for today. The air is such shit and I hate wearing masks but found I had to in order to be able to stay picking. This is the only time I am wearing actual masks, otherwise it is a buff. You can see why I have to have the mask though as the air around us is thick. I feel like I can reach out and grab the smoke it has been so thick and fog like.


I picked through a couple rows of Jade beans and filled both buckets in about an hour. They weighed a total of 15 pounds and gave me more than enough for today. Poor things are all a bit tacky from the smoke and ash. I need to get the sprinkler on the bush beans but I need to pick them and don't want to get soaked from their wet leaves. I will set it up after I get some picking done today.


By the time @stryeyz got home from work I was just getting to bagging the beans. I had to bag 70 half pounders for this morning so I setup and busted them out before being late for the co-op board meeting online. It's okay though as many of us are super busy now.


This morning the air quality is a bit better than this yesterday. The AQI is down to 343 from a high of 430 on the 12th. The trend is heading towards better air so I hope the rain actually hits us in a few days to wash some of this shit out of the air.


I have the co-op delivery first thing this morning, then more masked picking, and I need to get up top to pick through the winter squash and at least haul a few boxes down. Tomorrow is our lumber delivery so I have to ensure I have space for them to drop it.

Now I am out to pick the last few pounds of summer squash to fulfill today's order.

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Not fun working in a mask....Nor having heavy smoke everywhere...