The Good, The Bad, and The SMOKEY - Saturday

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The entire state is now blanketed in a thick cover of smoke. It took a good part of the day to really get thick and our closest air quality monitor, about 6 miles south of us, is in the hazardous level over 400. The visibility as I sit here is less than a quarter mile. It looks like fog in the yard. I keep thinking back to the cartoons where they cut the fog with a knife, it feels like that outside now.

Despite it all I had to go to town first thing to pick up a load of spent brewing grain. While in town I stopped at Harbor Freight and purchased a new air compressor and electric metal shears to cut the roofing/siding with. It was nasty looking out and about when I went to town and it was just getting thicker as the morning wore on.

The sheep and the birds were super happy to have the grain and the birds were right on top of it scratching it around the pen.


The summer squash are still producing somewhat and I am able to get nearly 10 pounds a day. This was only about 9 pounds. It seems the freeze did hamper them as they have gone into limp mode now. With the freeze damage, the smokey air, and the weird temps I am figuring I might get one or 2 more small burst from them but they seem to have maxed weeks ago. I am going to hit 1000 pounds of squash for the year though which is by far and away my best year ever.


Picking through the tomatoes again I found a boat load of wholly bear caterpillars which most of them I let be. They are not doing much damage in the garden so I really just toss them outside the fence when IO find them on the produce.


The larger tomatoes are finally starting to ripen. I have cut the water to the tomato row in hopes of getting them to ripen faster. I am getting over 10 pounds per picking right now and should be getting much more soon.


Back on the shed I had to yank out the one window that I have been piecing together. I apparently had the wrong frame and mix of glass so I had to gather the correct pieces. The whole problem was the direction the window opens. It was sliding open so the open side was on the outside and I want the opening to the slider side. Luckily I keep things around and had the parts to gather.


Nipped the tips of the rafters off so the sheathing would sit flat.


I had to go at things in spurts. I got the right sheet installed then went in the house for a bit to get out of the smoke. The smoke kept the temps down for most of the day and it was still in the mid 60s around noon.


The last piece of sheathing in the middle and a bunch of screws had the overhang in place.


I cut braces for the overhang and installed one on each end and then a double in the middle. I want the overhang to be nice and strong but have to work around the upper windows.


Next step was the Tyvek which I stapled down and made sure to leave a good overlap on the peak.


7 pieces of roofing cut to 2 foot lengths took a little while and gave my hand a bit of a cramp from cutting them. They all installed easily since they were so short.


It doesn't seem like it in the pics but the smoke was super thick.


Back there through the trees I can normally see the river a quarter mile away, I couldn't see the other side of the creek which is a hundred feet away.


I got all the roofing installed and the Tyvek overlap is going to be perfect protection for the possible rain on Tuesday. If it does rain then the Tyvek will keep the rain from going under the main panels and will just run under the shorts on the front. The ridge caps are going to be here with the delivery Wednesday.


The last thing I did for the day was to install the drip edge on the overhang. Really happy that the roof is almost finished. There are jsut a few bits and pieces that I want to add but once the ridge cap is on the shed is good and protected.


Last audiobook I finished:

Lost in Math - by Sabine Hossenfelder
(I was not aware of the place that beauty holds in the sciences. The number of times that equations, ideas, concepts, and advancements have come to be due to a symmetry or perceived beauty is amazing. The double helix was first born of a vision and insistence that it had to be due to the perfect beauty of it, then it was proven.)

Today I will be inside a lot more. The smoke messed with me so I need to moderate a bit better my time in it.

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I love those tiny tomatoes.

The majority are Sun Gold, I only have a couple red cherry plants that get lost in the mass.

Yes and those are delicious sun gold tomatoes.

That was a great job done, what with all the smoke. The smoke would have killed me in minutes! Or I would have had to wear my respirator the whole time.

Too bad about the squash, but as you said you had the best run ever.

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