The Shed Has Windows - Wednesday

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Of course it didn't freeze over night. The night I cover. At least the freeze the night before had been light so the damage is minimal. Before picking anything I had to remove the covers from the rows. Given that it was supposed to be a light frost possibility I did not get super picky with the covers and more so just draped them without fully closing them off.


It may have been the cold, the amount I am picking, or their normal cycle but I got only a small handful of squash. Not a problem though since I have enough for sales for the week.


My day was spent on the shed/studio. I have been wanting to get the windows all installed to help make it a bit more weather tight. First was to get the Tyvek up. This was not the easiest to figure out by myself but once I got the stuff tacked up I was able to install it fairly efficiently. The Tyvek covers up some of the cracks in the sheathing.


It didn't take very long and I had the upper windows installed. I did screw it up initially as I installed the right window (first one of the 2 to install) upside down. I had it fully attached to the wall then had to unscrew it and then flip it and redo it. Whatever, it is in.


There is the cool effect of once the windows go in it really feels like a small house.


The bottom right window took a bit more work to get installed. I had to put the glass in the frame and install the catches to hold the panes in place. I had left the window till last since I had to piece it together but in the end it was not very hard to do. Looking at the way the windows slide I may at some point switch the different panes around so the windows open the way I would like. As they are now they all open from the right and slide to the left. I think I want them to open from the middle of the studio so either side of the slider would open away from center line.


I was in the tool shed and heard a distinctly different plane sound. I stepped outside to see this fighter jet flying from south to north. I looked like a Navy jet over Air Force, but I couldn't exactly tell. I went online to but I didn't see it listed so it was for sure a military craft. I presume going on a tour of the various fires? It was all by itself. There was the tell tale sound of the jet engines though as it went by, the crackle of the flame sound.


The trail to the shed/studio needed a good bit of cleaning up as the chokecherry had choked out the trail. Granted I built the trail through them but they still needed to be hacked back to make it easier to walk.


Looking at the front with the over hang tacked onto it I am now sure that I will be adding a 2 foot overhang to the top of the shed. This will make it so I can seal up the roofing with a ridge cap and also have an eave over the slider and the windows.


The slider is not done. I have the slider windows just set in place and the frame is not complete. I have to fill in 4 or 5 inches of the frame on each side and will most likely just frame it with wood. The interior and siding will be here next week so likely I could have the thing done by the end of the month. It really is a tiny house the more I look at it and the sturdiness of it.


Wandered up the hill to see if the re was any damage, downed trees, or issues after the wind storm went through. The worst I saw was a few downed branches. This is our squiggle tree on the hillside. I can only imagine what it took to make the tree take that shape. It is healthy and happy and growing straight on top, but that middle section is wild.


The eagles like to pluck their down which floats all over the upper pen. I find bits of it everywhere.


Last audio book I finished:

Learning To Learn [Mental Tools To Master Any Subject] - Rice University [Dr.Joshua Eyler, M.A., Ph.D.]
(Very much not a polished speaker. I've not been used to hearing this conversational a reading of an audio book. It was mostly a rehashing of a lot of the principles I have heard in a number of other books I have heard recently. The biggest point comes down to focus and finding the correct method for each individual.)

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Cool! Windows!

Remind me again the dimensions of this little house?

10x20 with a 10ft front wall. I was just trying to mentally engineer the lofts and how to mount the frame.

As I've found with building, things look really big when you start, and as you enclose them they seem smaller. That's why I was wondering...

It's exactly the same size as our butchershop, except the ceiling in the butchershop is 10' straight across.