Enjoying Sea Snail Noodles

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Hello everyone, on this occasion I met one of my old friends where he offered me some edible sea snails. Maybe some people are strange with this food.

Previously I had boiled the conch before and I gouged out its contents and this is what it looked like after boiling it using noodles that I stir-fry myself

of course the taste is very chewy and also gurisa who likes this type of conch because it is very delicious on my tongue and I have eaten a lot

if you have ever eaten it Of course you will know the sensation of the snail bite and many people in my country also eat it and some even eat snails in the rice fields but I don't want to eat the snails in the rice fields

This conch is found in the mud precisely on the edge of the sea. Usually we will find it while walking. But there are also those who make a trap to take this snail and the price is also quite expensive.

if you've ever enjoyed this type of snail you can leave a comment below because of course the sensation felt varies depending on one's tongue





All This Photo Taken With :

Camera : Xiaomi Redmi Note 8

Lens : Camera Xiaomi

Photograph : @hattaarshavin

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