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Greetings to all this amazing Community!

To begin with I must say that I am big fan of food, almost every food around the globe.
I love to cook and try all typical kinds of foods every time I got the chance. I love the typical food from my country of origin but I do not waste time to try something different when the time comes!

I live in Latin America, specifically in Venezuela but this does not stop me when discovering taste and international flavors are on my path. Also love food-fusion; it varies from countries or regions: Tex-Mex, Mexican, Indian, American, Asian, Italian & French cuisines are my top delicious dishes.

Anyway, this time I would like to share what I had for lunch today. I was craving for so long some Chicken Ramen so, why not? I had for lunch a very tasty Chicken Ramen bowl.
I know what you might be thinking “but this is a packaged soup!” Do not worry about it because I added some other ingredients to make it unbeatable-good!


Packaged Ramen


Packaged Ramen, pair of chopsticks and my special cutlery for Ramen

In the preparation of the packaged soup I added: sprouted beans, chopped mushrooms, green onion, breast chicken, soy sauce and boiled eggs. The flavor mixture was incredible; I transformed a simple dish into something really good.
I used two different brands of packaged soups; one for each dish and voilà!
This meal is for two serves.

First at all:

-Boil the eggs in a separate pot however you like: hard boiled, soft boiled or plain (I only needed two).
-Slice one chicken breast and prepare a homemade chicken stock (just boil the chicken with a pinch of salt and pepper and let it simmer for 10 minutes to infuse the flavors). Save this broth for later.
-Chop and boil the mushrooms separately for about 5 minutes; add some soy sauce.
-Chop the green onion.
-Wash and rinse the sprouted beans.


Chopped Mushrooms

Sprouted Beans and Green Onions

It is simple, just follow the package’s instruction but this time you are going to use the chicken broth to cook the noodles.
When the rice noodles are ready (the cooking instructions depends on each package, it might be between 3 to 5 minutes in order not to get them soggy), you just serve in a bowl alongside the broth; then you just need to add the rest of the previous extra ingredients; if you want you must add some Sesame oil when serving.


Tasty Chicken Ramen Soup

Tasty Chicken Ramen Soup


Bon appétite!

Disclaimer: All photographs are my property and were taken with Smartphone Xiaomi Redmi Note 8.


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great . It was definitely delicious. thank you for sharing

Thank you for reading my post!

It is the right thing to do in this community when we visit each other's homes to help each other

I agree! Thank you.

Mmmmmm.😋 That looks so delicious!! I love some good ramen. I like to make it spicy.🌶

In love with spicy Ramen or any spicy food.

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Con ganitas inmensas de que me preparéis ese rico ramen :3
Gracias por compartirlo, pequeña.

Lo que más me gusta de este tipo de post, son las imagenes donde muestras hasta los utensilios 💙💙💙 me encanta el ramen y me gusta demasiado como quedó la preparación final

¡Un placer!

¡Muchísimas gracias por tu feedback! Me encanta el ramen con locura. Lo preparo al menos tres veces al mes con distintos ingredientes para variar.

¿si? !!! me encantaaa de verdad que nada mejor que aprovechar que uno tiene los recursos para darte el gusto de preparar lo que te encanta y experimentar, te gusta mucho la gastronomía japonesa? o la cultura en general? Siempre aprovecho estos momentos para conocer gente que le atraiga mucho lo que japón puede ofrecer jeje

Tengo ancestros japoneses, mi apellido materno es Tabata. En sí me fascina todo lo referente a conocer y descubrir nuevas culturas, tanto en lo gastronómico como en lo cultual per se.
Suelo cocinar mucho y aunque no me dedico a esto de forma profesional hago muchos platos de diferentes tipo de cocina.

Wow... okok si ya me agarraste y leí tu introducción, SABES 3 IDIOMAAAS aaah necesito conocer más gente como tú jajaja porque yo a veces hasta falló terriblemente en español :C.

Que genial, de verdad espero te vaya full bien en Hive, yo amo mucho la cultura japonesa y porque soy ..."otaku"? "friki"? jaja es que me gusta el anime, videojuegos y muchos temas geek, y más si japón esta presente ¡Un placer!