Today's Lunch: Pork Chops, Fettucce with Napolitano Sauce, Coleslaw and Brownie

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Hello, to all the Hivers!

To begin with I would like to share with you a delicious meal and its recipe.
I live in Venezuela and I love cooking so much! I am always posting something about food.
I am always trying to cook different meals depending on the occasion or my mood.
This is not a typical dish from my country; it is just what I wanted to have for lunch today.

In this occasion I want to present you this meal: Pork Chops, Fettucce with Napolitano Sauce and Coleslaw; and for dessert: Brownie.

Let’s begin with the ingredients I used for this meal:

• 5 Pork Chops.
• Seasonings to taste: Garlic, Basil, dried Tomatoes and Parsley.
• 3 chopped Garlics.
• A pinch of Sea Salt and Black Pepper.
• 1 teaspoon of Olive Oil.

First you need to season the Pork Chops and let it marinate for about half an hour. Then preheat a frying pan with 1 teaspoon of olive oil. When heated, put the Pork Chops in the frying pan to medium high for about 7 min each side. Once you cooked the chops save them for later.


Pork Chops marinated with the seasonings. As you may see, there is my unique friend "Little Chef" Remy, accompanying me through the process

For the Napolitano Sauce:

• 200 grams of Tomato Purée.
• 1 chopped Onion.
• 1 spoon of Olive Oil.
• A pinch of glass Sugar.
• 1 teaspoon of Oregano.
• Half cup of water.

In a pot add the Olive Oil, and then add the chopped Onion. Let it cook for 4 minutes in medium fire. Once onions are gild add the Tomato Purée and the water, let it boil then add the rest of the ingredients, stir very well.
Let it cook for 6 minutes and put aside for the pasta.


Chopped Onions for the Napolitano Sauce and of course my "Little Chef"

For the Fettuce:

• 300 grams of Fettucce Pasta, approximately 7 hampers of Fettucce.
• Salt to taste.
• Parmesan Cheese to taste.


The Fettucce I used for this meal

Boil water in a deep pot, add salt to taste. When boiling add the hampers and let it cook. I boiled for 7 minutes approximately it depends on how you like your pasta.
I would rather prefer the pasta “al dente.”


Fettucce hampers boiling


The Fettucce and Napolitano Sauce are ready

For the Coleslaw:

• 200 grams of white Cabbage.
• 1 small Onion.
• 1 small Carrot.
• Olive Oil to taste.
• A pinch of Salt.
• 1 teaspoon of white Vinegar.
• 2 to 3 spoons of Mayonnaise.

Cut the Cabbage into julienne, rinse it with clean water. Chop the onion in julienne.

Grate the Carrot. When ready, put all these ingredients in a Salad Bowl, and then add the Olive Oil, the Salt, white Vinegar and the Mayonnaise all together and mixed them very well.


Voilá, your Coleslaw is ready!

Once you have all your side dishes ready put them on a plate, serve and enjoy!


Lunch is ready and Yummy!

For the dessert I just follow the previous instructions in the back of the box.
This time I used: Betty Crocker’s Supreme Original Brownie Mix.


Betty Crocker’s Supreme Original Brownie Mix


What a delicious Brownie!

All these photos belong to my property. All photographs were taken with Smartphone Xiaomi Redmi Note 8


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