Grateful for food

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In difficult times such as now, I heard there is a group of people who do not have enough to eat. Usually, the parents will eat lesser so that they have enough for their children. However, we also still have rich people around who have more than enough to eat, praise God for that. So, whenever I serve food on the table, I made it a habit to pray and to give thanks for food and providence before we started eating. This is also to inculcate gratefulness in the heart of my children.


Dinner was served

I called this a simple dinner and its definition may differ from one to another. Some may see this as luxury, some may view this as too little. Tonight's dinner was a pot of herbs pork bones soup with fried beancurd and canned button mushroom. Vegetable dish was simple stir fry bokchoy. All these were served with multigrain rice.

Under normal circumstances, I only cook one meat dish and one vegetable dish only. When the children are tired of Chinese food, then we will decide to dine out for Western food or Indian food or anything in between. Why I love to prepare simple dish like this is because it is affordable, healthy and no-mess kitchen.

All I needed to do was boiling a pot of soup with the meat, the prepacked herbs pouch, and added in button mushroom, lastly seasoned with salt and pepper. While the soup was boiling, I stirred fry the vegetables with onions. As for the rice, just cooked using rice cooker. Very super duper easy.

Below was the pre-packedbHerb-Spices I used. Front & back.



Lastly, instead of adding the beancurd into the pot of soup, I heated up the fried beancurd separately in smaller pot using the soup boiled in order to not mix the oil from the beancurd into the whole pot of soup. I tried before and I didn't like the taste of oil in the herbs soup.



After that, only I scooped for each person a bowl of soup with meat, mushroom and added in the beancurd.


The boys were happy to drink herbs soup as it was very appetising. However, it is not encouraged to drink too often as it is very heaty for the body. I just felt like making a grateful post for food on the table. I remembered when I grew up and parents had some economy crisis, we had rice, fried egg and vegetables for dinner. No meat. Yet, our hearts were full of gratefulness because we loved egg, especially with soy sauce.

Hope you are well wherever you are.

❤️Love from me❤️


Hi @iamjadeline,
True, there are people that do not have enough to eat, so we should feel grateful whenever we have what to eat. Meanwhile, the sight of this food has piqued my appetite. Nice one.

Yours, Piotr