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It's been 3 months since the last time I ate fish. Yes, I ate canned tuna and sardines, but I prefer fish that's not preserved. Gladly, my brother came home with a pack of deboned fish, which has 3 pieces. I was thinking of how to prepare it, and I remember I still have tomatoes and okra.


  • Deboned fish
  • Okra
  • Tomatoes


  • Fry the fish in the pan at medium heat to avoid burning.
  • While fring the fish, slice the tomatoes into pieces.


  • Remove the tiny hairy skin of okra using a knife, slice, and boil them.


  • Arrange the fish, tomato slices, and okra in the plate.


  • Serve! Prepare a dip with lemon and shrimp paste for the okra and the fish.

Anyway, the okra was freshly picked, and was given by a brother in faith to my brother. I love okra because of its antioxidant properties. Simply boiling it with lemon (or calamansi) and shrimp paste (or fish paste) dip will do.


Not feeling quite well as I planned to go out for jogging early in the morning. I was bothered by stray cats last night who went inside the room, a nunber of times. I waited for them to leave by themselves, thus I am sleep deprived.

I don't have the motivation to write. My head is blank. I feel lazy. OCD has always been present. Not all the time, but easily triggered. I tried to be positive, and so far I am coping. I tried to look at the great but sinple things that I have, especially the dinner I prepared, and shared above.


ahahaha parang sosyal yong og serve boss ah. Parang masa restaurant then,kahit simply basta bongga ang oagka gawa ayos na.hahaha Pero sarap ng okra,di ako gaanong fan ng deboned ma bangus.

Dami bangus dito boss. Bangus capital of the world. Hehe

Tinatanggal ba dapat yung parang hairy part nung okra? Yung edges lang dun sa top na part ang tinatanggal ko ehm I've been cooking okra wrong ll these time. Lol.
Sarap ng bangus! Natakam na naman ang matakaw kong side. Haha

Bawi ka ng tulog boss iyan-mapagmahal. :)

Or maybe ako lang din nagtatanggal. Lol! Naiirita kasi ako pag nakikita ko mga hairs nya. Haha

Dati din di ko alam na tinatanggal yung balahibo. Nalaman ko lang kay ate lyann nung sinasamahan ko sila magluto 😝 hehe

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Ang sarap ng bangus! Pero sainyo na po yung okra 🤣

Hala. Ang sarap. Pati presentation. Plating ang galing. Kakagutom. 🤤