Cooking Banga Stew

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Hello hivian, good morning from Nigeria, its yet another wonderful day today. Today I will show you how to prepare one of my favorite food, I said one of because I don't really have a particular favorite food. This delicacy is a well known meal in Eastern Nigeria and it is Banga Stew , but in Southern Nigeria, they prepare Banga Soup. I will show you both, they look similar but taste different because its of different spices.

This is Banga Stew

It is a perfect combo for rice and it also goes well with Eba and yam. Apart from eating the normally white yam and banga stew, you can also use it to prepare yam porridge.

This is Banga Soup
As you can see they look similar, this is one of the traditional food of Southern Nigeria but my post today is centered on banga stew.

Palm kernel which we call banga is a fruit that has many qualities starting from the branch to the fruit itself, every part of the tree has its usefulness. Before we start cooking, let's see some benefits of banga(palm kernel).

Some Benefits of Banga

  • Palm kernel oil helps prevent aging
  • It is a great remedy for epilepsy
  • It helps in controlling body pressure
  • It increases hair growth
  • It helps to detoxify the body

These are some of the benefits of palm kernel but there are more insight to it here, so do check it out.

Ingredients Needed

  • Palm kernel
  • Pepper
  • Crayfish
  • Onion
  • Maggi
  • salt
  • Vegetables leaves
  • Dry fish
  • Meat

Step 1

We start by washing our meat with salt, to remove sand and debris.

After washing, turn into a pot and spice with salt and Maggi. Leave to cook for 45minutes depending on how hard the meat is.

Step 2

Wash the palm kernel, turn into a pot and add water into it. The water level should be above the palm kernel, leave to cook for 45minutes while you set up the other ingredients.

Step 3

After cooking, turn into a mortar and pound with a pestle but while pounding, careful not to break the palm kernel.

After pounding, it should look like this, the purpose of pounding is to make it easier to squeeze out the juice. After pounding, pour 2 cups of warm water into it and mix together, then sieve out into a pot.

Repeat this process until you notice there isn't any juice left.

Step 4

Place on heat and allow to cook for 15minutes, use a spoon to remove the darker part of the oil foam, according to my mum, she said doing that helps prevent increase in cholesterol in our body.

Step 5

Grinded Pepper, Onion and Crayfish

Sliced Onion

Cooked Meat

Put in the grinded pepper, onion and crayfish, meat, dry fish, Maggi and salt. Leave to cook for 5minutes than add the sliced onion. After 5minutes add in your vegetable leaves and allow to cook for 3minutes before taking it down.

That's how to cook banga stew, I served mine with rice and it was yummy. Come join me

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